Last Dayre Post in 2017

Woke up earlier today maybe she had too much nap yesterday.. no choice but to cancel my plan of getting some work done before she wake up

When I ask her for a photo 😂 why so grumpy who ask you wake up so early

Don’t need to get anything from market so off to go to the park

Stroller because she need to drink milk see greens is better than tv screen

Sun is out! So we went hiding at Mcdonald for breakfast
She was saying: I pray! ( put her hand together) then babble in her baby language then proceed to say Amen! I’m sure God understand her prayers..
Haha so funny too bad didn’t record it down

Part time cleaning Aunty is here! Husband got excited whenever she’s here hahah coz he gonna come home with a clean house without him putting any effort except paying some money 😭 I’m happy too coz some part of the cleaning really need her to help! Like toilet scrubbing, ceiling fan, window and sometimes get her to help change the bedsheet! So thankful for her coz she do things really fast and clean! And very 自动!

No longer SAHM

First day of work… from home!!!

After 18months not touching any work related stuff!! Hope my skills still can use!
I’m helping on creative stuff for her online and offline boutiques.

When she first approached me I was like should I, can I cope with it..but hub was really supportive he say if not just hire maid wto help with he house chores at least I can to do something I used to like doing..

The best part is I still can be with chloe while earn some extra..erm.. for my shopping ! So let’s try it out

But I think somebody here not very happy with my new job hahaha

Quite challenging!

I’ve been telling chloe that I will need to do some work starting today onward Yala she may not understand but I think she can sense bit different than the usual she keep throwing tantrums for unknown reason 😂

We still go go thru usual morning routine when she’s playing on her own I would sneak in front of the computer and try to start on some work.when she realise I’m there she will come to me and ask for attention then entertain her till she play by herself then I work.Cycle repeats.

Then she announced it’s her lunch time keep telling me eat eat eat mum mum eat! Okie I just finish my first visual and ready to send for comment.. I usually eat with her but I want to send out the first draft so she ate alone.. poor girl

After sending out the draft went to check on her she finish half of her lunch which is not bad! She done with her meal faster today then she poo-ed good timing for bath! Now she talking herself to sleep while I look into second brief!

And I forget my own lunch 😭

Okie she fall asleep now should I eat or work!

Yeah first draft got approved!! Now send out second Creative then I think I’m done for today since the rest of the tasks need further info that can only get tonight..

Oh yesterday I brought chloe to a playgroup nearby for trial! Actually before the trial we are quite keen in sending her but after the session I’m not quite sure about it 😂

But I’m surprised that she totally fine without me around! First few min she cling on me but a teacher took over and she ok then started to forget about me for 2 hr! Surprise!
Teacher said she can focus and sit still for long time but I think it’s because she is still new and shy..

But she only interact with Teachers not friends at her age 😂

It’s a small class of 6 (which I preferred) with 3 Teachers..I’m not sure why everything seems ok but I just can’t get myself to sign her up, I really don’t know what stop me..

Maybe as hubby mentioned I should explore more places till we found the ONE!

Chloe napped for 3 hr! This seldom happen means I have sufficient me time!

Am I the only one who is excited for this Zara online launch? I don’t know why it’s kinda hard for me to shop at Zara in Singapore most the designs I want always sold out in my size I don’t really like to hunt it down in other always ended up not buying anything! If I really want it I’ll get my sis to help me to buy in KL
Zara kid’s designs too those online are not available in store most of the time! So Zara online could save my problems! And I don’t need to go out at all!
Bye bye💰


Church situation this morning
This girl can only sit still for 30min then she is everywhere playing with everything..that’s her carrying my bag

Her love for bags is real.. it keep her entertain for quite a while

Telling me to go somewhere

Refreshment time place this 2 together they look about the same size!! But didi is 9months younger!! Why you so small chloe!

Then come home finish her lunch and its nap time..she always sleepy after church, too much to absorb?

Nowadays she seems to enjoy reading or looking at books she can spend 20mins just flipping pages and look thru the graphics..

Chloe woke up from 2.5hr nap! Daddy and mummy have some me time and we are ready go out to do grocery for the week

Daddy carry my backpack! Hahah hope he wouldn’t get any weird stares!

I love this bag I used it everytime when I’m out with baby alone! Just nice to store all her barang also right size for me! Most important the zip quite easy to open with one hand so I can easily access to my wallet or card holder.. very good buy!

My sis help me to get from Korea is a brand named monopoly, I always love their stationary when I come across this bag I quickly got my Sister to buy and mail it back to me

Thinking to get this version also
Synthetic leather tho but with PU coating so it’s waterproof..

New hobby for these two, daddy brought a package when they are doing promo so everytime we come must take a ride or two before we go home