Days living with "KIOSK"

im now having my internship program
today is the 7th week out of the 14th mean i have half way to goKioskmedia the company i intern for this 14 weeks
this is the money machine for Kioskmedia
Situated at Bukit Jalil which take me 15min from my hse
Working hour = 9am to 6pm
Work as= the assistant Designer
Work task = Endless UI desgin, content design, kiosk redesign, flash UI and sometimes 3D
this is my place
a company which luv intern so much tat’s y im in…
coz we r cheap labors…so far i met 5 intern in this compay
3 of them from Holland..they even import intern from Holland c how much they luv us

haha…anyway 2 of them which are the girl when back before chinese new year d..
so now plus me there 4intern here..2 malays 1 chinese(me) and 1 Holland guy
4 of us come from different Colleagues dfferent age and different major as well…
Beside completing the task given
we the intern sometime also do sm cleaning job
coz they dun hire any maid so we just volunteer hoping to get sm bonus mark..haha

jeff the helper
me and ah wi the cleaning partner
and of coz ish the photographer & witness
so far i have done 18 projectssssss….
with tis lousy little PC with 1.70hz CPU and 448MB ram

when i get bored or not given any tasks
i do sm online shopping some movie steaming and nw im blogging keke
but curi curi kind la…
im under supervision of Mr Farid the one n only designer here
we the intern sometimes also organize sm outing
we have our every 1st bbq gathering at ish home
buying stuff at jusco for bbqbusy taking picture then bbq’ing the food
this the 1st half part of my intern and there another part will post by the time i finish my intern…


de. KiM

hey people im new to blogger new to blogging in English
as previous blog is written in mandarin
bcoz i really want to improve my english so the best way i think is to practice my writing skill
i customize my blog today in the office
kinda take sometimes becoz of guiltiness i had to maximize and minimize the window on n on
as im now having my intern for 3 + month

here is…..

Hi, my name is:
Ng Kim **** (i hate my last name…)

but you can call me:

Never in my life have I:
kiss or even touch a CAT (i HATE cat so much!!!!)

The one person who can drive me nuts is:
CopyCAT (again!i hate cat!!)

My high school is:
S.E.T.A ( a girl sch in JB)

When I’m nervous:
go to toilet

The last song I listened to was:
Jay – Sunny guy

If I were to get married right now it would be to:
held in a nice garden with sea view

My hair is:
dark brown

My favorite color is:
Pink of coz but my wardrobe have only 2 of them.

What is in my bag:
These……When I was 4:
im in pre-school playing with “ninja turtle “

Last Christmas:
was memorable i love to celebrate my every Christmas in my church!!

I should be:
calling my ney but im writing this blog now

When I look down I see:
my leg and some of my dropped hair on the floor

The happiest recent event was:
err…..the BBQ with my intern college…and formated my full-of-virus pc

If I were a character on ‘Friends’ :
i dunno any of them

By this time next year:
i am out to WORKING field (gosh..cant imagine)

My current gripe is:
every 9am to 6pm on weekdays (stupid working hour)

I have a hard time understanding:
the previous assignment title given by Mr. Khong

There’s these girls:
in JB who i miss so much

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be:
my MOTHER!!!

I want to buy:
a House!!( fews year later) but a new bag for my sony T70….

Where do you plan to visit:
Redang this coming June and Bali at November!!!Woohhooo

If you spent the night at my house:
you will find my room air con can get you into ice!!!

The world could do without:

Most recent thing I’ve bought myself:
2 candy bar

Most recent thing someone else bought me:
a sunflower given by my lady boss from Cameron
and a unknown one…

I am now staying with:
my family but after my intern n sem break im going back to my “own” room..Woohoo
My room in cyberjaya

My middle name is:
kim la

In the morning I:
rush to work

Last night I was:
not dreaming at all

There’s this guy I know who:
really sweet and cute..kekek

If I was an animal I’d be a:

A better name for me would be:
Ashley (i love this name…)

Tomorrow I am:
continuing my extremely boring job

Tonight I am:
going to watch kiss2 episode 12 (hopefully bitcomet help me with this task)

My birthday is:
21st of september

…..this is me!!!!
take these pic after work…
kinda blur..sorry~