★The Sims 2 >> Free Time★

people the sims 2 new expansion FREE TIME is out!!!
wow…finally after a long time a new expansion to add….and play…
after playing it a week i find overall is ok, sims hv their own hobbies n smth new to achieve with
they are getting busy all the time…
hv many new stuff to discover but still looking foward for more features in the next expansion…
hehe..tis time i din buy but i download it!!!haha..its really working well..
save my money and petrol
here is the link to get the torrents
hehe i noe im doi smth bad but is good thing to share with isn’t…
toddles have new activities!!!
yes! ballet for everyone!

How to get your boyfriend to be more romantic???

**girls, post tis in ur blog if he is reading it….

How to Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend??


  1. Send flowers to her office (for no reason at all!). Flowers anywhere are good!
  2. Put your arm around her waist when you walk; don’t do the casual “arm around her shoulder”. Alternatively, hold her hand.
  3. Give her little gifts or surprises. Little things mean the most.
  4. Play with her hair, but don’t be annoying.
  5. Put your arms around her waist when you are standing behind her.
  6. Make eye contact with her as much as possible.
  7. Tell her she is beautiful, not hot.
  8. Plan a perfect “date”. Something other than the cliche Dinner and movie.
  9. Tell her you love her (but only if you really do). Write her love notes, too.
  10. Be sensitive to her needs.
  11. Make her feel special around her friends and other people.
  12. Make her birthday special.
  13. Plan something big for Valentine’s Day.
  14. Make her feel like she is the most important thing in the world to you.. (at least once in a while.)


  • Don’t be too serious. Girls love a guy with a sense of humor.
  • Remember little things she says in conversations with you and bring them up later. She’ll be flattered that you would remember.

from me,
obviously it is hard to change a man….no matter how many tips and steps you post he is who he is..im just posting for the sake of “somebody” want it…..

Random Post…

i get these nike women event ticket from my lady boss…
im sure im not goi my g.f are not around me just dunno who to gv……or just throw it away~
kinda waste might hv ppl wanting tis so much…arh…if u wan tis inform me huh i will post all to you….kekeke
2nd– new stuff
finally i found the key chain at malacca hehhe..
coz i brought a larger size for neyney as valentine present
n i design our couple tee follow its pattern to make it more meaningful
and now both of us using the the same key chain for our car and house keys…
tis is the big one and the tee…nice??hehe..love it so much…

3rd–me myself
i been so fussy of wht to wear to work tis week
2 of my jeans tersempat at my aunt place for sew almost 3weeks already!!!
people can even make a new jeans out d….
i haven get mine yet!!! paiseh to ask from her…since im troubling her…she might be busy
but 3 weeks ler..bit ridiculous lor…
i hv only 4 long pants 2 hilang another 2 not enuf for me to wear lar….
everyday i was like no um to wake up
becoz i have to think of wht to wear!!!
as im a person if i decide or found smth to wear for the next day….
ill be totally semangat to wake up in the morning!!
this bring me to work confidently too…
tis is wht i normally wear to work
after almost 8 week wearing tis skirt… i found its really too short as ney say…
gosh.. my side view look like a boy…..
God help me with my hair make it grow faster…grow longer…i miss long hair so much~~~~

4th–my beloved
so sad ….i dun hv camera to use tis week…
my father borrow my nurul kamela( a new name for my camera from me n song song)hahha
a islam camera…how could i let my camera become a islam…???
kamala…miss u so much..
my father so greedy bring 2 camera with him..leave me nth
at 1st tot to hv sm photo section in a nice garden in town tis weekend
but nurul kamela follow daddy go china d..wht to do…haih…

next wed is the birthday of one of my college — jeff…the holland guy
boss is organizing a party for him
not bad..at least another gathering
dunno wht to buy for him actually..
on the 1st week of april we the kioskmedia ppl are goi to this gua tempurung for extreme sport!!!
i been choose to be the organizer sm more…arh…dun wan la boss…..