Finally..yes finally tis is my last week of internship
i wanting tis week to come so much
since my 1st week i’ve been saying to my college aiyo…hope next week is the last week
yes now im in the 1st day of my last week
damn excited to go to work tis week…hhaha
1st time i felt so happy to go to work…
tat day my boss was asking me whether am i interested in working in her company after i graduate was like so shock…but i din say anything just smile at her bcoz i hope to go to bigger company working in those big cooperate…and she ask me whether if i want to do some freelance job for her..haha the answer of coz lar..ill have additional income then..why not..
hehe…so excited…hahah
after tis ill have a really long break until mid of june!!!the longest break i ever had in mmu…
im on vacation mood now!!!! woohoo…



im gonna miss Kioskmedia after tis week…*ahem*ahem*

I miss her..miss her so much

to my dearest sun sun,

mayb u’re not readin my blog…
but i wanna say to u loudly tat i miss u so so so much!!!!
hope ya doing fine in sabah…
noe it been hard time for u last month..lotsa unhappy and unlucky happen to you..
God will guide u, ok!!dun worry continue to b my sun shinny sun sun
miss your sweet smile miss your cute little chubby face

u’re my best shopping mate ever in this entire world!!!
u’re my bestie to share out my secret
u’re my cutest friends that i never ever had!!!
u’re my best sister who alwasy comfort me whenever im sad
u’re my BFF (important than my BF u c u got one more F)

noe u’re gonna have ur final exam..pls take good care of urself k!!!
and aunty will be alright!!! she is as cheerful as you, she will recover and stay healthy

cant wait to c u on May..u’re coming back right??keke…
Love ya…Muackx…

Counting for ur birthday~~15days

Random Post…II

thr will be always random post whenever thr are too much lapsap things
or just lazy to think of a title…

1st lapsap things..
my product!!!keke suppose to post it earlier but my college always forget his promise to me to gv me all the picture he take for my product…
ya!!1st time my product being shown in the public!really public u noe!
its appear in Matta Fair few weeks ago!!!
my design for the application of Menara Kl being chosen and i was asked to produce the full application to use in our company kiosk for visitor attraction purpose.
here is the photo of me and kiddy(one of the kiosk porduct from my company) in matta fair!!
and the entroy with keyboard..
dun misunderstand im dealing with the application not the kiosk ya..
and one day a big potential customer come to our office
lady boss ask for my application to put in the kiosk
so i also kepo kepo want to take picture…
tis is 1borneo project from Sabah

2nd lapsap thing
ya just wanna share some special i ate tis few weeks..
do u noe earthquake???ya earthquake from Swensen!!
tis is the taste of my childhood!!
my mum use to bring me and my brother to Swesen for their steak and ice-cream when i was young!of coz tis was b4 both my sistes are born lar…
last last sat after church service, me n ney when lepak at subang parade
and we decide to hv dessert at Swensen
You must try this earth-shaking indulgence which will send tremors of delight right off the richter scale! 8 scoops of ice cream of your choice, plus 8 toppings. (from Swensen site)
their ice cream still taste the same like those time…


last friday which i take my half day leave to settle some stuff with ney
we went to sungei wang actually…
while finding for kimgary we found tis cafe at the designer corner in sungei wang
the photograph of their food attract us to hv a try
it was unexpectedly nicer than what we thought
their service is good as well…
have a try if u feel like eating malay’s food
but they are not malay style but maybe english style
haha…its true ok..english style kinda malay food!!

3rd and the last thing
finally i add some new stuff to my wardrobe
brought myself 2 skirt one pants and a dress..
love all of them, the cloth all haven unpack yet…
and there is one shop in sunway which will bcome my new destination for cloth supply
their cloth are unique and sm vintage kinda feel
my ney help me to do sm shopping at tis shop today!
thx ya…appreciate it vy vy much
coz i test one of the dress last sat but could’t decide on the spot
so ney was ordered to help me collect them all back…!!keke…cant wait to wear them…