June School Holiday

This holiday had been quiet yet meaningful, to be honest i’m worried and concern how am i going to entertain Chloe for the whole month with my heavy bump. Thanks God all turn out good and i truly grateful for this period that i get to spend 1 to 1 time 24/7 with her before second one come to join us. Of course there’s days that i wish i get a few hour time off especially she wake up wrong side of the bed or being extra sensitive over small things and doesn’t follow instruction. I learn that most kid’s tantrums are mostly because the lack of patience from us parents and i also learn to observe her more before i jump into a conclusion or try to correct her. We both learn to be better this holiday.

Every morning she will wake me up in my room, joined me on bed for some cuddle time. Then we depart separately to wash up then proceed to make our own bed, at the beginning of the holiday she still doesn’t had this habit of making her bed but after looking at me doing for some times she volunteered to do hers and continue doing it for the rest of the days. After that we had our breakfast at her favorite spot – our new kitchen counter! and brief chat what we going to do for the rest of the day. Usually followed by outdoor time at the playground, i love how she interact with new kids she would observe them from far then slowly approach them and they started play just like that regardless of ages, but sadly most of the time the playground is empty well maybe our timing is odd.

Then we went home for home for table activities, the first week we learn about how flower/plant grow then we let her plant some seed and watches how the seed grow each days, she love it so much every morning she would check on them and shout excitedly how much the bean spout had grown. After a week lesson on this topic she can memorize what elements a plant required to grow. Vivian Aunty was very kind to send a caterpillar to Chloe for her to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Second week we learnt about seasons and weathers, i really love Usborne books very detailed, nicely illustrated and interactive too especially for those lift-the-flat series. We had some rain play and puddles jumping because we only had raining season here in but i manage to gather photos of her in different season when we went travel for her to look at it for better understanding.

Third week we focus on reading for Chloe, i remember this beginning of the year i’m still worried why she doesn’t show interest in reading yet although her school did teach them phonics and wonder should i sent her to some additional phonics class as she love books rather than just looking at the pictures it will be more fun reading the words. So we read our trusty Peter and Jane series throughout this week, and to my surprise she catch up and started reading by herself and learning new words everyday. We are now proceed to book 3a i can see she find satisfaction when she get to read it on her own and force us to read P&J even for bedtime stories which me and Ming had no choice but follow her request.

Other than lessons and activities there’s a lot of free play, puzzle solving, play pretend that she initialed while i rest and watching her play on her own, we had a 2 play dates with friends coming over so she got some company to play with. On daily basis she would help me in the kitchen for our lunch and sometimes dinner if she feel bored playing with her toy she would come and offer for helps. She love helping int the kitchen with washing, chopping and a lot of kepoing, she’s doesn’t see it as a help or work for now but something fun to play i hope this continue for a long long time. My me time will always when she take her afternoon nap or when daddy come home at night.

Last week time passed real quick, this week i feel confident of bringing her out myself so we went National gallery, then on Friday meet daddy for Children festival at GBB. We also watched 2 movies during the school holiday which is Aladdin and Toy Story 4, this girl starting to enjoy cinema time maybe because that’s the only time she got her screen time. I personally love Love Story 4 story line very much recommend to all family with kids to watch it together. Our pastor shared this article The Charming Gravity of ‘Toy Story 4’ biblical view on this movie and a very good way to share it to our kids after watching the movie!


Also try to correct her after few days observing her misbehavior, she’s not all good she’s a child and a sinner too. She suddenly got this bad habit when things doesn’t goes her way she would try to hit/push (not hard but light kind) us. She did that a lot to daddy maybe to her daddy can be bully, so when she did that to me one day before nap time, i drag her to the naughty corner of course she refused and struggled then i give her time up in the study room she cried and protest. After few mins she calm down and i asked her again to sit at the naughty chair she followed then we had a chat while explained to her what is wrong and correct thing to do to let out her anger and hug to end the episode. She haven’t repeat it since then i asked her to let her frustration by voicing it out while crossing her hand instead of using her hand to touch people.

Overall it’s a good break from school i hope we keep up this tradition every holiday, other than play we gain and learned something. I think that’s the biggest improvement for Chloe this holiday is to able to read and recognized more words also to able to fix a 105 puzzle without any help too. Now school resume i can have my leisure life back! While for me i learnt to be more present with less screen time when i’m with her everyday.

Random pregnancy rant

Gained 6 kg so far at 6 months. Not gonna control diet for now aiming to gain a least 12 -14 kg this pregnancy i hope.

Recently i love to wear top and maternity pant combo instead of dress, those flare dresses that make me feel even bulkier in person. This top and bottom is actually easier and lighter too, my mum say my legs and arms are still and it’s obvious that my tummy is much bigger compare to others at the same month. Chance upon Melissa Koh’s bumpie timeline my bump now at 24 months actually the same size of her 37 weeks! so big can, but she work out lar and first baby so Ming say cannot compare. But i wonder what is inside this huge bump other than baby.

Getting really bored with my hair now the last time i step into a salon was January is time to get a trim or something. My skin hasn’t been so bad this hormone thingy is so scary acne just couldn’t stop popping up on my face i really hope the scars will go away and my skin will back to normal after baby born. Can’t wait for the new skincare set i ordered to arrive and hope it help a little on clearing the pimple scars.

Also this travel bug have been bugging me to go travel really feel like bringing Chloe to travel she’s been home bound this school holiday, but we don’t want to take a risk so maybe a staycation before i pop and planning trips for next year after baby joined us. Just by planing it make me excited!

Next thing to do is to revamp our guest/study room into baby’s nursery, gotta the moodboard ready and stuff we ordered from us and tb are on the way. Although really do not keen to move the computer desk to the living it will definitely spoil the aesthetic but no choice house too small.

> Half way there

Baby’s kicks getting obvious each day, especially when I finally lay down on the bed or rest on the coach after a busy day. “Seems to remind me hey mummy I’m in here, don’t forget about me slow down with what you doing”. Now i’m enjoying this pregnancy back to cooking and able to walk and go out to shop also can’t stop buying bump friendly clothing, also slowly start to buy some baby essentials.

my first born

Chloe is now on holiday so I try use less phone in front of her, engage her with activities and conversations. I’m still not very confident of bringing her out on my own for now so home bound it is, try to have fun at home like today while listening to Aladdin ost we are pretending to sit on a magic carpet and she had so much fun, when daddy is home she request daddy to drag her carpet with her on it the whole house and pretend to be princess Jasmine. She is so into Disney and princess stuff after she went to Disney on Ice in April with daddy. Maybe I should try bring her out for another movie this week so we can stop listening to Aladdin playlist for awhile. We don’t want to take risk to travel too, so this year we’re not going anywhere although i really miss going travel but for now my priority shall be nesting and make sure everything goes well with this pregnancy.

I’m sure after baby #2 come along we can’t have full attention on her so it’s important for us to really enjoy this 1-1 time now also mind-prep her as much as we can. I hope I can have equal time with her even baby join us, 1-1 date, activities resume as usual when baby nap. I might be too ambitious but for the time being i don’t want to send her to childcare because of baby arrival. I I wish she can learn to adapt and take care of baby together with me like how she help with simple house chores now. I want to let her know nothing is going to change with baby coming along, her routine will be the same, school and everything is the same old one but we all have new responsible not just mummy and daddy but her too as a Sister.

I always admire those mummies can handle more than 1 kid without help, I hope I can at less handle 2 myself. Nurture them together having them grow up together spend time Everyday. I’m sure it’s gonna be hard and need time to adjust especially the first few months but we will surely make it there with God nothing is impossible.