Chloe first movie in the cinema

We’ve been planing to bring Chloe to the cinema for a long time but couldn’t find a proper or interesting movie for her. Until last month Ming asked whether we want to bring her to his company movie screening on the show he involved (in post production), the last screening was Star Wars and other not-so-kids- friendly movies so we never thought of bring her along. This time is more like a cartoon (or not) haha but more appropriate for her so we decided to bring her along, see if she can sit throughout the movie.

I used to go with Ming to the movie screening especially those movies that he involved in, you know give some support because that’s is like their harvest after all the hard works bu ever since Chloe was born I’ve missed so many shows.

Stuff I used to paint my face…Dior Concealer // Heavy Rotation eyebrow powder // Majolica Mascara // Tarte Liquid matte foundation // Pony Effect cheek tint // Mamonde Matt lipstick

I’ll never missed a chance to dress up haha even we are going to be in the cinema

Hair straighteners that do the curling..I think it works better then curling tong (for shorter hair)

All done quick and simple one! I’m running late, I’ve to wait our part time cleaning Aunty to get her job done before I could start getting ready, today she’s kinda extra hardworking #notcomplaning and now it’s raining heavily out there

Then wake this girl up from nap get her dress up, I give her 2 option one pink dress and this yellow dress, she picked this. I like the back detailed of this dress, obviously I brought it for that reason.

erm..i don’t think i teach her that pose 

bershka sweater // and TEM trouser

Here we are at the theater as usual the company booked 2 theater to catered the crew , before the show start the heads gave a short speech. Chloe sit through the movie from the start, she got scared when there’s chasing and fighting scene (that’s the moment i regret bringing her) overall she seems to enjoy the movie maybe because i’ve banning screen time since we’re back from cny break she missed watching tv.. haha okie more movie in the cinema for you from now on!

i think i faced another set of problem after potty trained, she just doesn’t pee in the diaper when we’re out so she keep holding her pee without telling us she need to go to the washroom. By the time i realize her diaper was actually empty i rushed her out to toilet and she let out a whole lot of pee that she holded, so poor thing i hope she don’t get UTI. Also found that i’m quite skeptical to put her on public toilet i’ll wipe, wipe and wipe the toilet bowl before putting her there, and she’s too tiny for the adult toilet bowl i’ll have to hold her on that Ming asked me whether we need to bring her potty out..haha..any mummy experience this?

i guess we need to have more toilet run whenever we’re out

CNY 2018


No photos taken on that day even reunion dinner on 除夕.. too bad! we start our day with usual pian nian to the parents then sibling who just stay next door. Soon after that the house was full with batches of relative from morning until night. MIL and her helper cooked the whole day for all the guest and us non-stop, even her helper told her if everyday cook and wash like that she will die! lol! Then at night we went to husband’s cousins place to pai nian, basically every year same scheduled because the elders include my in laws used to travel every new year after cny day 2 so they tradition is to get all the visiting done by day 1.


my favorite part because 回娘家! every year my mum will call me in the early morning asked us what time are we coming, she have been waiting since morning! so we get our dressed wait till the princess up and 娘家 we go!


decked in red, this year half of Chloe’s cny clothes was gifted by her popo and yiyi! so blessed this girl

Chloe: Zarakids from popo | Mummy: The Closet Lover & Bershka


everyone changed into something color coordinate this year is red and blue. so so hard to get Chloe to smile for photos that day.


This year we feeling a little extra! so we (sisters) set a theme for the reunion dinner. My mum usually invite my ah yi and her family to come over for dinner so she come out with the menu and start cooking up a storm with help from my brother while me designed the menu and set up then sisters do the plating.


Not all the dishes but the mains one..everyone is too hungry and can’t wait to dig in..then again no photos of us with the food. #failedmax


actually cny in KL is rather quiet especially when our family is not big. so by cny day 2 we’re done with cny visiting…like the pass years, day 3 reserve for friends!


this bunch of pretty ladies that i met thru social media platform years ago! glad that we still meet every time we’re back to KL and chat online occasionally!


the group is getting bigger! one year one baby, let’s see who’s turn this year..


twining in navy the only set of twining we had this cny

Chloe: gift by yiyi from Korea | Mummy: Hollyhoque (kinda overdo my fringe)



Pavilion with families because everyone say the cny deco is nice there.. do some quick shopping and managed to get Chloe a pair of sneaker for school.


Steamboat dinner! my poor father in law was actually feeling sick since morning but he is a man of few word in the he just keep quiet followed us shop whole day till dinner, even go to his shop at night until can’t take it anymore by the time my mil found out he already running a high fever.. Thank God he recovered after medication and a day rest. Ming got his father personality always quiet and keep thing to himself especially he’s with his family, i always encouraged him to speak up and open himself out but i know it’s not easy.

We spend quality times with family and some relatives that we see each other once a year, Chloe get to experienced firecracker for the first time! Overall it’s a good trip but we are so exhausted because Chloe just couldn’t sleep and eat well throughout the trip! She keep waking up at night crying murder sometimes 4-5 times a night, and she’s unwell so her appetite was so so bad every meal time was a war to me! We barely sleep well even come to a point that me and Ming wish to end the trip and go home earlier.


Didn’t get to shop much this round, these are all we get

  1. Books for Chloe from MPH with member discount not all in the photos but in total we got around 12-13 books for RM200 so one around RM17=SGD6? cheap? (i do think books are cheaper in Malaysia although we don’t really compare price to price)
  2. Uniqlo heatech for coming trip because cheaper after convert in RM especially some designs are discounted, not sure if we really need them but since it’s cheaper, we can wear less layers maybe?
  3. Nike sneaker for Chloe, finally she outgrown her old pair so we went JD to get her another not much choice and no discount i think just slightly cheaper in SG.
  4. On the right my biggest reward! my sis teach me how to weave that help me save money attending workshop here..#cheapskateiam since she’s quite good at weaving so she willingly passed me some basics, my mum can’t stop weaving after seeing us do! It’s quite addictive i must say, i just can’t stop!

Short hair!

Actually it was spontaneous idea to cut my hair this short, my last visit to number76 in Dec i remember i even mentioned to Calvin, my hair stylist that i wanted my hair to be long enough to tied bcuz you know mummy hair bun is my everyday hair.  Somy initial idea for cny was to treatment and touched up on the Color.  ss

then i come across this Korean Model in instagram @the_ketchap i really like her hair and her video she always look so happy and smiley! then i show my bestie she say i should try la, something different and look younger.. ahem look younger ok i want! haha then i send to Calvin ask if will i manage to pull this look off he say ya let’s try something new…i’ve stick with this hair stylist the longest time so i trust himshorthair

how? ok mah? look like mushroom hair.. need to practice more on the curling, personally quiet like the outcome, actually without setting it just normal short bob la.. quite easy to maintain, best part of short hair should be the washing and drying part!

Chloe couldn’t recognize me after my hair cut, even refuse to let me carry. She try to peek on me a few times before she decided to accept me funny this girl, but she keep saying mummy mei mei,cut hair mei mei even till today! i think is my sister who give her prep talk when i’m away at saloon.

Thanks Calvin @ number76, Bangsar