National Day BBQ + Chloe 3rd Birthday

o after our celebration in KL in my house and my in law place on the actual day we planned a mini bbq section with close friends very mini one indeed i didn’t even invite my relatives/cousins in SG or Chloe classmates. Because i paiseh have to trouble people to come and i prefer to host small party. I’m glad i did that because i manage to spend equal time with each guest and keep them occupied.

One thing about bbq was to get everybody can involve in food preparation however feel bad to them as they need to work a little to get food haha..This bunch of guest very kind and helpful they take turn to help or babysit kids without asking! Even my friend commented your guest all so kind!

A small area for kids to hang around and play with toy i brought it down, it does kept them occupied for awhile after that they are running everywhere.

Cuties taking photos together, this Chloe really petite la. Just went for 3 years old assessment at Polyclinic this morning, nurse say she on the small size but grow according to her own pace and totally normal asked me not to worried but still … She suggested me to give her more snack time to increase her intake on food to see if that help her to grow some fat.DSC05635-18With our princess for cake cutting! Ming look tired from all the bbq, thanks for the hardwork in preparing the food.

They looking happy and excited for the cakes! Keep taking their photos and forget about our group photos!! blame my prawn head!

Thanks to all my kind guests who make it happen!DSC05675.JPG

Gift from everyone from friend in Kl to SG, let her unwrap them one by one then i kept all in the store room, next morning i give her the barbie from my boss to unbox first she’ve been playing with it for 1 week + now not sign of getting bored, see how long can this barbie last till next new toy.

We didn’t brought her any present this year but this party memory shall be the one.

May God’s love always surrounds you, and may the path that you walk on each day give glory to our God. May God always be with you today and all the days of your life.

I love you so much, my darling daughter.

You are my life’s biggest blessing. Happiest birthday!

#mkcrib – Home Inspo

We had total 2 IDs + 2 contractors meeting back to back over the weekend also some documents work with our agent for resale flat. We are more a less set with this house, home loan approved, OTP exercised and another 4k deposit paid. There’s no backing out anymore, Ming also went rejected the offer i mentioned earlier even before knowing the package. It’s all God’s timing, we are really amazed how God works! just 2 days right after we register the ITP, the cooling measure took place, where there’s decrease of another 5% for housing loan from the previous 80% to 75% only. If we didn’t apply the OTP earlier we need to fork-out another 26k cash for the down payment meaning our renovation fund will be much lower. Really we did nothing and deserved nothing, all praises to Jesus His’s timing is always so perfect, we are beyond blessed!

We may not be able to move in before Christmas due to the HDB procedure may take longer than expected but that’s not a big issue as the lease at our current place is flexible. The next tenants are not in rush and very friendly, yes somebody already booked this place for next year’s lease! Super hot selling ok!

Back to our meeting with IDs and contractors, these contacts are friend’s recommend. They are yet to come back with quotations but tomorrow i’m meeting one for it. Let’s hope it fit my expectation and budget, Ming leave the whole decisions to me whether to alias with IDs or contractors as long it doesn’t exist his budget. This house required a few major hacking and change of layout, re-tiling for kitchen and toilet which gonna cost most of the renovation fees, but no choice it’s a old flat and we brought it for the layout not the designs.

The main theme of the house – Minimalist + Scandinavian 

i’m always a fan of white furniture since my first concept for our bedroom/study at my in-laws picture here with full white and clean layout, so i’m able to change the color theme/concept over the times. It’s more sustainable, uncluttered and simple that fit Minimalist life style! I don’t want too much build-in for flexibility and also limited storage so i got no reason store/keep too much junks.

Living Room

We obmit the idea of featured/storage wall so it’s gonna be all loose furniture that i can add from time to time.


I want it full white with a lot natural sunlight that i hope this house can achieve because it come with a whole lot of windows , light vinyl flooring, plant here and there and shelve for display and decorative items. Just something simple. Oh we have a very cute walkway/corridor from the main gate before entering the living room, that’s the place for shoe cabinet, place to get ready and bench to wear shoe.



same white and clean finishing maybe some light wood elements. Minimal wall cabinet but a lot of counters, some greens too for refreshing mood and a kitchen island! My dream of kitchen island hopefully can be fulfill i always wanted to cook more with Chloe in the kitchen, be it baking or have her helping with food preparation. It would be very fun!


Also the space will be main concern for an island but most of them say doable just see what size we can afford to have with the kitchen’s space.


The cons of this house is the small toilets, both master and common toilets are relatively small in size. So to make it looking spacious it’s to minimalism the tiles design and elements used.  The luxury of double sink is totally impossible.


i really love this designs clean line of black, white tiles, black shower screen/water tap/ toiletries.


Same to master room (i’m boring like that) only one build-in wardrobe the rest are loose furniture. i like my full white hospital bedsheet (according to my mum) so i’m gonna stick with that with hint of light grey, woody color.


i think its easier to achieve with some light styling and a lot of sun!

While Chloe will be of course dusty pink maybe with my fav black polka dot and lotsa of white. No inspiration yet it’s all about girly fun and flexibility.  Another room will be my working space cum study room for the moments, we are still thinking whether it is necessary to have a build-in wardrobe.


After spending a month viewing house around current estate we kinda finally come to a conclusion, if the negotiation done smoothly we should be able to place deposit and secure the unit we’ve been eyeing tonight.


Some hiccups happen during these one month apart from scheduling house viewings we are kinda offered to another work opportunity (not in Singapore). When we finally can register as a buyer after fulfilling 3 years as PR, the system need our occupier (who is Chloe) need to fullfill 3 years PR too which give us a heart attack hello she’s not even 3! that one night we thought our dream of getting a house need to be postponed again maybe we should just left this place.

Anyway the offer is yet to be confirmed we are not sure the package is good enough for Ming to quit his current company, the occupier details can be filled up after the transaction is done. After discussion we think it is better to proceed with our initial plan if by end if this month we decide to take in the offer we might just got the 1k deposit forfeited instead of giving up this good unit.

The Rush

Reason why we are rushing to place the deposit was this house seems hot selling lar. The price is reasonable although it’s consider a low floor unit but come with unblock view the neighborhood is quiet, as the house with old layout the place look kinda spacious and bright with a lot of windows. Only con is the road next to the block may be a little busy and noisy but sound proof windows may solve the problem.

I’m so excited that we can finally own our place after moving around for many times and I can finally design my own house so excited that i couldn’t sleep well almost every night after we decide to place the deal. I have the floor plan ready even 3D done with The sims placing in furniture and planning the layout everything make me sooo excited! Although it take 2-3 months time for paperwork plus the hacking and reno that would be another 2 months if everything go smooth we should able to move in before Christmas!

ID or not ID

Now i’m contemplating whether to hire a ID or just go for contractor, our friends shared a few of their own trusted contractors’ contact with us and advice to go straight to them as they can see i clearly know what i want and i can do 3D planning myself so they try to convinced me to not waste the money on ID fees. However the reason i’m contemplating is maybe once in a lifetime to hire an ID? i can rely on them for work arrangement and workmanship or someone to blame if anything go wrong? i have no experience and may not have enough time to source stuff myself?

Anyway for now we will explore and open up for options and maybe ask for various quotation to do comparison then make decision before mid of August.

Dream come true?

Those who know me will know this is a dream come true to me (if i can finally own a house), i’ve been moving house since young for 11 times in total. Yes moving is nothing to me but already part of my life, due to better job’s prospect my father used to change his job every 5 years to a different bank in Malaysia so i was born in Malacca, then move to JB in JB itself we shifted 4 times after few years we moved to KL and move in to in-law place after married, come to SG we moved 3 times due to rental. My mum finally own a house at 53yr old with her own saving, i hope i don’t take her footstep but to have a place call home and stop this moving nonsense. I strongly believe that’s what God plan for me (this moving part of my life) help me to adapt to new environment easily, willing to take up challenge and i’m totally not hoarder but yet i’m tired and insecure. I NEED MY OWN HOUSE.

to be continue… plan for now is to work harder to save more money for renovation and furniture!