Chloe goes to school

It has been 4 months since Chloe enrolled in kindy, this year in N1 class for 3 hours (yeah to extra me time) i walked her to school everyday initial plan was Ming send her to school since class start about the same time he goes to work, but this daddy not very confident to handle her alone #superspoiled then he got busy with his latest project at work that require him to go to work earlier. Now i’m all alone to prep her and send/pick up Chloe..every time he get to escape so unfair! no choice who asked me want to be sahm right? luckily the little girl seldom whine or protest when we wake her up for school in the morning

So far she loves school i assume, never cried since the beginning but when you asked her if she want/like to go to school she sure shake head // do you like teachers? no! do you like your classmate?no! but every morning she willingly walk in by herself and wave goodbye to me with a subtle smile, so i guess she enjoy going to kindy.

Ever since Chloe started school, i need to crack my head to prepare snacks to bring to school, she’s picky eater la, Teachers always tell me she doesn’t like this or that i prepared for her.. so now i only give her fruits and cakes. As long as food she likes she doesn’t mind i repeat the same menu, but i feel so bad to keep preparing the same things for her, that’s so many snack box ideas out there but there’s also so many things this little girl refuse to eat or tried.


her school essential: Skip hop bottle // A Little Lovely Company – Bear snack box // A Little Lovely Company- Unicorn Mini backpack from privikids

Chloe seldom sick before entered school but now her keep getting running nose and cough so often that i need to stock up medicine at home..hope her immune got better very soon.

oh and next week is first term school holiday. that’s the first holiday she’e gonna spend at home with me last 2 holidays we went back to KL, actually been toying the ideas to bring her back but after considering her behavior (poor appetite and sleep)  from previous trip back i think we better stay in SG. I need to plan some home activities and bring her out for some outdoor fun.

Here’s some activities in SG i found online for march holiday

The Playground at Design District Dialogue

Entrance to the Playground

Peter Rabbit

Image result for peter rabbit

Maybe a movie date! Chloe love her Peter Rabbit storybook she will definitely enjoy the movie

Clarke Quay StreetFest

Lord-of-the-Rings-inspired act, The Tree

Art-Zoo Inflatable Park

One of Art-Zoo Inflatable Parks' inflatable characters. Photo: Colossal Pro

We went last year it was quite fun

Peppa Pig, Live!

actually we are this close to cart out the ticket! but Chloe is now on peppa pig withdrawal, i’ve stop letting her watching this cartoons (not that it’s a bad cartoon for kids i must admit she learn a lot words from this show but we want to try stop giving her screen time) for a month so maybe is not a good idea to watch this play

All About Dogs Exhibition @ Singapore Philatelic Museum

Dog toys around the Year of the Dog exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum

i think this is a small exhibition but admission is free and Chloe love dogs

 Thankful for so many good activities for kids every season around Singapore!! you can find more activities here or here

Educational toys for toddlers

i’ve been receiving questions of where do i get those toys Chloe play in IG stories that i post daily.
and i promise these mama i will do a proper post for it
Ever since Ming trying very hard to convert me to a minimalist, we started to stop buying toys a lot lesser. My focus now is more on fun educational toys.
 Brand: Imagination, Toy r us
very good for fine motor skill and focusing. At first she’s not very keen but after few practice she love it till today, she can recognize the shapes now so i’ll asked her to follow my instruction to thread the shapes by order.
 I got it from taobao you can easily find it thru Montessori material, let me know if you need help on the link
i think this is more advance than a shape sorter because they need to figure out the hole for each shapes to put it in, Chloe love to turn them round and round till its fall on the bottom..good for 1 years old and above
one thing i really like about Montessori approach is that it emphasize on practical life skill
so this lock and key is obviously helping them to figure out how to unlock a lock with key
it’s quite tiny and seems okay for her tiny hand she manage to unlock it on and off or with little helps
also some color pairing skill too, i got it from taobao
i saw it from a friend who has a 5 years old son she was telling us how money worthy this puzzle are coz she brought when her boy was 1 and he still love it 3 years later
you can get it from Popular book store super cheap
surprisingly Chloe can do all the puzzle herself without much help! her attention spam for these is longest maybe because i only let her play every 3 days, she always need finish all 2 boxes of puzzle before i can keep it away!
i was planing to buy this but still checking out which brand is better
then so happen a friend gifted this for Chloe’s birthday
this is from ELC another one i’m eyeing is from Melissa & dough
i think it’s pretty good for her age! since she know shapes and colors now so this works like a puzzle for her to complete.
that’s all for now not much toys to share actually also we normally don’t buy toy on the spot in front of Chloe is either online purchase or when daddy mummy go on a dates
just don’t feel like giving her this idea of ” i see this, i like it and i want it now!” i’ve seen too many kids throwing tantrum in the mall just because they don’t get what they want
i want to avoid that happen to mine
so i try my best to start it young, we visit toy shop whenever we in the mall
we let Chloe roam around, play with toys after playing make sure she put it back to the same rack
then proceed to next toys after sometimes when we think she’s done then we left empty handed. i’m not sure how well it works but at least i tried. Don’t get me wrong. I am not against toys just don’t want her to get the ideas of buying it also choice of toys
another things i realize kids have very little attention spam on a toys especially those are always there in their play area so why buy so much. i don’t need a toy shop in my living room
 what i do now is to keeps these toys in my cupboard or storeroom
occasionally took it out and let her play then keep it again after she’s done!
i realize she can focus on the ‘new’ (perhaps it’s actually old ones) way longer compare to when that toys was displayed on her shelf! also now i diy ‘toys’ so i save some money too!
So less is more! Kids can hold longer attention spans with lesser toys! When there are too many toys, children fail to appreciate what they have and view toys as just another distraction! read this article here i think it make a lot of sense (at least to me). Still kids get to play and learn from play, by limiting their toys will help them stay focus be resourceful and be creative that’s how we grown up with isn’t it?

9 Home activities for toddlers

quoted from Maria Montessori
I really wish Chloe can learning through play, so she can enjoy learning and the process 
she is such a sticky bug sometimes i need her to occupied with things so i could do my house chores and cooking so these activities come in handy 
then i started to google and pinterest for toddler activities ideas thanks to those mama who share theirs so i can follow and improvise to my own version that suit to Chloe age, personality and things she likes! Hope this post help you to keep your toddler busy too…
Materials needed: Assorted beans
What to do: Draw 4 circle on a paper or use different container place one type of beans in each circle or container then mix up the rest of the beans teach your toddler to sort them according to shape and color of the beans! 
Skills learned: Sustained attention, sensory processing, learning how differentiate colors and textures of the ingredient  
Suitable age: As long as your toddler do not simply put stuff in to their mouth need monitoring
Occupied Chloe for: 15 minutes 
 Materials needed: Toilet paper or kitchen tower roll, wrapping paper and pompom from Daiso
What to do: Wrapped the roll with wrapper paper stick it to the wall place a container below. Demo to your toddler how the pom pom fall from the top of the tube to the basket.
Skills learned: Grow motor skill, Understanding directions and coordination
Suitable age: any! 
Occupied Chloe for: 5 minutes 
  Materials needed: Bathtub, Non-toxic Waterbeads from Tickle your senses and some random toys for waterplay
What to do: Soaked your beads beforehand and throw everything in to the filled bathtub. let them pick up the beads into the container and play freely sometimes i will throw some alphabet in for her to find them in the water and ask for some of those she can recognize 
Skills learned: Sensory awareness, muscle strength and listen to instruction
Suitable age: any! but supervision is required
Occupied Chloe for: forever! haha 
 Materials needed: Pompom from Daiso, colorful cup or container with some tools like spoon, scoop or tweezer 
What to do: Mix colorful pompom and teach her sort them accordingly to colors i used different tools everytime i think tweezer is the best that can train her fine motor skill
Skills learned: Motor skill, color knowing and focusing
Suitable age: Toddler 
Occupied Chloe for: 20 minutes 
  Materials needed: Big piece of paper i use manjong paper here, faber castell washable marker
What to do: Draw some items that your child love on the paper and get her to name it then let her draw freely on the paper 
Skills learned: Motor skill, coloring concept
Suitable age: Toddler 
Occupied Chloe for:30 minutes 

 Materials needed:watercolor from IKEA, small hand grip brushes 
What to do: teach her the concept of water painting then let her paint freely
Skills learned: Motor skill, color knowing and focusing
Suitable age: Toddler 
Occupied Chloe for: 30 minutes

 Materials needed: Dropper taobao, 2 container with color water (i use kids friendly paint for the coloring) and 1 empty container to collect 
What to do: demo how to use a dropper, transfer color water to the empty container and see the result after 2 colors mixed together
Skills learned: Fine motor skill, color knowledge 
Suitable age: Toddler 
Occupied Chloe for: 15 minutes

 Materials needed: Rounded label stickers, printed number with circles guide (let me know if you need the template) 
What to do: Stick the stickers according to the guide 
Skills learned: Focusing, number knowledge and fine motor skill
Suitable age: Toddler 
Occupied Chloe for: 5 minutes

 Materials needed: Non-toxic Waterbeads from Tickle your senses , 2 container 1 filled with water and beads, spoon
What to do: Scooping beads to the empty container with the spoon 
Skills learned: Fine motor skill
Suitable age: Toddler 
Occupied Chloe for: 20 minutes 

Keep looking for this post i will try to keep it update
sometimes i’m just too lazy to take a proper photo when we are doing activities, but i will try my best.
Share with me too if you have some fun stuff to do with your toddler!