Random rainy day

Stuck in the mall nearby our house after meeting my friend in town. It’s pouring out there and I don’t want to wake this soundly sleep baby up so I’m here rocking the stroller, looking at the phone and trying to blog.

We’re finally heading for our annual family trip next week! Like finally! So happen I always scheduled our trip around April for 3 years from Hong Kong, taiwan then this year. As I find is the best season to travel, weather is good chilly not too hot or cold and doesn’t need to buy/pack winter or thick clothing. However I always have this habit to shop for new clothes for a trip wearing something new make me look even forward for the trip, who’s with me?

Ming gave me this 😭 face looking at the pile of clothes I brought for everyone, yes everyone! Know what? at this time my washing machine decide to strike, keep showing error sign! Time for new one? But why this timing? I need to wash all new clothes, i have sensitive skin so I have this habit of wash it before wear, good for Chloe also.

This round is just gonna be chill and relax kinda trip only 1 or 2 place to visit daily. Since just 3 of us so we gonna take our own sweet trip to enjoy our days, bit of sightseeing, daily nap is a must and homecook if I’m not lazy. Self drive would be easy for us to travel around really miss time when we have car lo! Ming always toying the idea of getting a car in Singapore but to me it will only benefit us on weekend maybe just 1.5 days throughout the week, the rest of the day we just plain paying for parking fees. As it’s still more convenient for Ming to take the train to work, chloe school is so near that walk will be faster then drive 😂. And car is so expensive here will it worth for that minimal usage? Maybe not. So we shall enjoy our self driving experience next week.

This post is just about random thoughts. Chloe is gonna wake up anytime. Bye..

Virtually disappear

“Hey, how are you? why no update? everything okie? Pregnant?” recent conversation that my friends started..

We are at the generation that we just stalked each other on social media to see how’s life going on the other side, perhaps i’m one of them so i don’t blame them. I do apreaciate they take the effort to check on me, thanks friend. There’s always this season of my life that i want to be quiet and stay away from social media which i find can be quite poisonous these days. Then i chance upon this…

“We don’t need to be always virtually present to matter…”

Is that so important to shared about my life? does people really care or they just to kepo? What the main purpose of me sharing? necessary to keep jot it down for memory sake on such a public place? or maybe my life is too boring to share anything interesting? All these questions got me stop posting on IG.


is the best answer i could find and i answered my friends.

Stop the guessing game. I’m totally fine with my life, Chloe is good, husband as usual very helpful and caring while me? i’m getting myself busy with work and house chorus.

i will be back soon to flood your feed so you will consider to unfollow me 😅 ..kthxbye

Good thing must share!

 Let me share about some baby/kids products that i think are really good!

NAIF Baby Shampoo & Wash  Gel


i think this is the best of all the baby shower gel we used on Chloe to dates! So far we tried Pigeon, Mustela, Cetaphil, Burt Bee and Johnson & Johnson. We love Burt Bee but i find it hard to get it from stores and the price is on the higher side. So we keep finding alternatives and we finally found it! This NAIF products are the best so far and we can foresee we will use this brand for long time! #notsponsored #goodthingmustshare

It’s gentle, easy to wash off you know some product it take so long and so much of water to wash off the bubbles! Best of it is the smell!! i love it the most, i can’t stop smelling Chloe everyday after her bath! It’s very subtle and light kind of sense because it make of natural ingredient no chemical or no added color, Chloe love it! The shampoo doesn’t irritate little eye, which is great for toddler that go under the shower instead of bathtub!

We got our first set from Tangs, Orchard at slightly higher price after that i find it’s cheaper to buy from online  Here’s the link 

Burt’s Bee Nourishing Lotion


We still love Burt’s bee for their lotion! It’s really moisture the baby skin, Chloe have dry skin like me so i always put on lotion everyday after her shower. For lotion we didn’t explore other brand because this huge tube that my sister got it for Chloe before she was born last us long enough for 2 years, and the smaller version for travel! So far Chloe’s skin doesn’t show dryness or flaky, i guess applying lotion really does help!

Little Angel Essential Oil Blends 


Thankful that my friends always buy us great gift like these! First come across this from Cathy, wanted to buy once i go back to KL. So happen Vivian gave the Anti-Bacterial Protection as a Christmas gift for us. Then Cathy gifted another Bye Cold & Flu during CNY gathering! Thanks Friends!

Anti-Bacterial Protection

It’s actually Young Living Essential Oil blend that’s anti-viral & anti-bacterial protection which not only prevent sickness at the same time help to improve the child’s immune system. source  i apply a few drops on Chloe’s back and feet with a light massage everyday morning before school and before sleep. So far the result is not bad Chloe haven’t fall sick yet #touchwood

Bye Cold & Flu 

Contains essential oils (eucalyptus, myrtle, cypress, lavender…etc) that provide support for the respiratory system while providing support to the natural defenses. source  I need this a lot because Chloe keep getting running nose and cough from school on and off so i applied this on her whenever she caught the virus.

You can get these from Little Angel #again #notsponsored #goodthingmustshare

Jeju Wet Wipes


We have been using this wet wipes for a long time, my very experienced mummy friend introduce this great product to me when i only know Pigeon wet wipes that time. She is very confident about this product and introduce it to all her friends, it’s a cheaper and works very well of a wet wipes. It is a Pure Water Wipes, thick and safe even for sensitive skin babies & kids! We get our supply from Qoo10 just search jeju wet wipes!

Potty Training Book


This book  works like a charm for Chloe! She rejected potty when we first introduce to her, so my friend advice us to take it slowly. Then i found this book in a random bookstore and think she might like it because it’s very girly and princess type of book, the content is very cute and fun to read. Right after reading it for a few days she volunteer to go potty by herself both poo and pee! i’m so so amazed! Maybe she was ready that time or maybe this book really influenced her. Chloe now enjoyed going potty on her own ,sense of achievement? haha..  i’m sure there’s a boy version!

Usbone lift-the-flat Opposite


Expensive book but worth every cent! Tons of elements and nice illustration. We love reading it and learn opposites together, very good for preschooler because it’s interactive. Planning to buy other title in this range.

That’s all for now!