Quick one

After we got back to Singapore on Monday night, it’s been busy and hectic. Need to unpack quickly and tidy the place a little so our part-time helper can do her usual cleaning. We are so tired on Tuesday morning, Ming decided to let me and Chloe sleep in without waking us up. She have been skipping school for 2 weeks now plus national day holiday that will be 3 weeks! Since she’s still young i don’t mind skipping class spending time with family is equally important too when she grow older we don’t have this luxury to travel on non-school holiday anymore.


#1 The amount of parcels waiting for me after 2 weeks, mostly are party related stuff and Chloe’s clothes. Luckily all the purchase are Ming approved if not he will get heart attack receiving parcel after parcel.

#2 Chloe helping me with cookie for party tomorrow, she really enjoy whisking and helping with baking and cooking should do more with her. Letting the dough rest while she nap, later we gonna sent it to oven together.

#3 Meats that Ming order from The Butcher arrived, we are going for western style bbq with different cut of steaks and lamb, need to marinate tomorrow morning. I brought free range chicken wing from market then marinated it with sauce and vacuum packed it for more favor. Need to get the skewer and fruits ready tomorrow morning, luckily we option for the cake to be deliver if not tomorrow is gonna be really pack! Hope the food enough to feed our guest and no left so we don’t need to deal with leftover.

 Hope everything turn well tomorrow~

Wake up call

Ming have been sharing about this article with me and friends we met over the weekend, it was about limiting screen time not for children but adult. While we are busy controlling our kids screen time for various reason – brain development, self-control, encourage real play and all but what about our own screen time? i must admit this is a wake up call to me even my mummy friend who’s on fasting on social-media sharing her thoughts on this to me God really want me to look into this part of my life.

Our phone/computer are stealing so much of our attention draw us away from our children, there’s many times that i’m suppose to spend that little time give full attention to Chloe i find myself checking on my phone chatting with my friends or checking email and social media.

How does technology interfere with our relationships with our kids?

Kids don’t need our undivided attention all the time, but they need to know that they matter to us and that there are certain times of the day and certain situations where they have our attention. There need to be times where parents can really be fully available to their kids. (source)

 Now that Chloe had completely off screen time but i found myself guilty in this screen time thingy, i’ve been trying to limit mine too in order to provide a good example to Chloe. I don’t want her growing up feeling her parents are “hypocrites” for spending so much time in front of a screen while so strictly limiting kids’ access.  (source)

These are steps i started to control my screen time.

First step: Keep phone at not-easy-to-reach position aka a corner in the bedroom instead of living room.

Second step: Set a schedule whenever Chloe is around no phone for us unless urgent, other than that i will only use my pc or phone whenever she nap or sleep at night.

Third step: Media curfew at bedtime for me and Ming, no phone on the bed. We used to spend so much time on screen for social media before bed, by the time we’re done with phone it was too late for a chat so we have to straight to bed, which is so unhealthy.

Fourth step: Reduce social media attachment, i deleted dayre and facebook app in my phone because i do not contribute on these platform anymore so instead of kepo people life i should focus and what’s really matters : my life. That’s why i write more in wordpress because this is not a social media platform to me but a platform could talk freely about your daily life or share things i do. This few day i spent some time to write after i done with work when Chloe haven’t wake up from her nap.

Fifth step: more indoor activities like reading, craft and maybe drawing which i can do together with Chloe.

The idea of going device free may be nearly impossible but i’m sure doing so can improve relationships, time management, and even sleep! Let’s hope this baby steps will help to limit our adult screen time!


Sick leave

We ended up at home on Friday with Ming on family care leave because i was on the bed whole day dealing with this cramp on my lower abdominal. It was so painful that i can’t even walk i’m sure it’s not period cramp but a different kinda pain that i never experienced. So i was bed rest and slept the whole day while Ming take care of Chloe, i feel our house was malfunction if i’m sick because we have no help Ming can’t go to work but stay home and take care of us. I really need to find out what happen to my body and be fit again, poor Chloe went school without tying her hair and wrong shoe, Ming told me teachers first response was Chloe what happen to you today, why your hair so messy? All teachers know mummy was sick laying on the bed, Chloe cannot disturb mummy because she proudly go and announcement to everyone in school. Didn’t went to doctor but scheduled once next week to find out why. The pain subsided the next day not all but much better so we can carrying on with our plans.


Only then i realized i accidentally arrange so many set of friends coming during this weekend till Monday. Wow i’m really sucks at planning my time, on Sat morning we went to the market get ingredient for steamboat dinner then adjourned to mall nearby for more ingredient and meet up with a friend from church. Brought her home serve her tea and cake while Chloe went to nap and did some discussion for our upcoming deco project in Church. We’re so detailed and focus till she’s was late for next appointment.

Steamboat dinner

Soon after SY left, Ming and i start to prepared for steamboat, good that we go for steamboat because the soup was sent to boil since morning we just need to take out the ingredients when our friends are here. This round was Ming’s friend Keatlim & PY , we prefer intimate gatherings so we only invite one set of friends a time also easier to prepare meal too. Chloe had her dinner first before our friends arrived so we can enjoy chatting and take our time to eat. The longest steamboat dinner ever from 7.30pm to 9.45pm we chat, eat chat and eat while Chloe entertained herself with toys and playing with PY on and off at the dinning table. No picture this whole weekend because we were too busy and good to off social media but focus on real face-to-face social life. We were so so full from all the eating, it’s been a while since i stuff myself with so much food!

Ping the Chef

On Sunday we went to church as usual after Sunday Schools we reached home almost 3pm! half day gone! Ping and Will are on the way here too for dinner! This round Ping was the main chef she in charge of the main dishes while i help around, so not that stress but fun cooking together we keep laughing at small things. Then we went downstairs to the playground after wake Chloe up from her nap, and left her with them while i go upstairs with Ming to get the dishes ready. So blessed to have them as they kinda enjoy spending time with her on and off she even want to be Chloe’s Godma.


So they were the 3rd set of friends then on Monday we have playdate with Vivian and Tong, is fun to see how toddlers play together they are at the age of knowing how to play with peers, made conversation even a simple bumper can entertained them for quite some times. Lastly tonight our banker will come over to get our bank loan application done!

Wow i’m impressed how i managed to survived after the abdominal pain episode! However Ming and i enjoy hosting friends at our little crib, we can foresee that we will do more at our new place! Next weeks onward i’m going to stop meeting friends but focus on sourcing for material meeting up ID/contractor before our trip.


Anyway this week was not done yet my in-law decided to visit this Thurs – Sunday, mainly to come and have a look on the house and spend sometimes with Chloe. So i have to cancel my gathering with sisters from Church, we’ve been looking to it for so long but my in-law seldom visit us so no choice but to be a good daughter-in-law. Ohh and also a breakfast date again with Sab but this round at my house. Cheers to exciting week ahead~