Happy Valentines!!

Happy Valentines!!

My cheeky Monster in good spirit today so faster do a quick photoshoot!

When you ask for a photo! She sure tilt her head like that..don’t know who teach her 😂

Just another usual day for us! No gift no flowers husband not into celebrating valentines or may be any special occasion I just tease him yesterday telling him I married to a kayu 😂😂

I make a reservation for dinner this sat..don’t feel like going out to join the crowd today #signofaging

Hahhaa only me get present on valentine!

Yes daddy got her a set of duplo coz the lego shop at j8 is having 20% off storewide!

Mummy is ok, you have me Everyday is valentine 🤣

Look so cheeky here!

Cooked hub’s favourite pasta for dinner..and Chloe get non spicy version with cod fish, nowadays I just give her whatever we eat but a simpler and tasteless😂 version..

Maternity Shoot by Papier Hat

I’m glad that we have our maternity shoot earlier at 6 months..because i look way chubbier and uglier now.. despite all the sweat and tiredness of the shoot since it’s an outdoor shoot, it’s all worthy looking at the outcome! love their approach of props arrangement and editing! 
so happy to have this moment captured and will definitely show these batch of her still in my belly!
Thanks for capturing this beautiful photos Papier Hat