Kindy Open house

It’s Saturday!
Have a good weekend everyone

We went to a kindergarten open house nearby our place today. Not bad coz it’s newly renovated so everything is new and clean..

She is so attracted to the toys friend who enrolled her two kids there and recommend this place to me..

Teachers and principle seems friendly or maybe coz today is open house 😂 haha don’t know we shall see.. but I like it coz they use Montessori approach

Considering putting her in playgroup on daily basics for 1-2 hour starting April so she get to social and learn something..maybe a transition for her to enter half day or full day when she’s 4

I’m pretty sure she gonna have a hard time adjusting even an hour class without me 😂 #supergluebaby but no stress k! We take it slow and easy ~

Then we walked past the market that we go every morning while heading home..☝🏼this Aunty face when she saw me coz I slap on some light make up attend school meet people mah must look good a bit..she was like Wah you look so pretty today (quite loud) 原来你的头发颜色这么美!(I normally tied up my hair for marketing) then tell my Husband ‘Wei your Wife so pretty Hor! ” 😓😓😓 don’t know how to response!! But good got me thinking 原来 I look so chui every morning 😫

Sahm also have to look good one ok!

Which remind me of ☝🏼 what my friend told me last week!ok next week onward I have freshen up a bit no more chui look or no one shall ask me you very tired argh?

Heading out for dinner!
Super rush and I left my beloved camera at home 😭😭😭 no nice photos tonight

Our little lightbulb
Daddy pick her outfit mini dress for dinner date 😂

Someone is not impressed with the our dinner place


Lobster roll for me

Lobster Thermidor for the Husband

Today is a balloon day for her received 2 free balloon in a day..

She was like hey penguin,mummy want a photo of us so better stand still k!

Drain energy activities!


This toddler here is full energy so no choice have to bring her out to drain out some, so she get tired and sleep well 😂

So I gotta bring her out for a walk no stroller or tricycle plain walking, to playground of ntuc if I need a quick grocery run..sometimes it’s get bit slow or she fell down but I think she enjoy it 😶

Today playground is way too crowded many big kids running around and occupied most of the facilities so she just stand and see how they play awhile then we walk home

Also good chance to dress up a bit..😂 too many dresses but too little occasion

This Zara kids dress was one of her birthday gift now only can wear she still in 9 to 12 month size ler for many months already! Why you no grow taller baby? Please don’t help me save money on clothes k!

Insist to bring her little Friend out 😂😂 my Daughter is at that age of wanting to bring stuff out with her, I thought she would drop it half way especially when she’s being distracted but no ler doesn’t even let me to help her keep it!

Today lunch for mama & baby tomato egg, sautéed spinach and organic white carrot soup.. give her some meat from the soup which is not in the photo

Cloth book for baby and toddlers

Chloe still love her cloth book we do it as a morning routine after her morning milk and breakfast we would sit together go thru the pages together then follow by sing along and she proceed to play on her own while I get lunch prepared.

These book come handy especially when travel or eating out also church, keeping her busy in the flight and restaurant! Of coz sometimes she being naughty by throwing all the element all over the place!

Now she can sort out shapes and colour also solving puzzle

Sorting colours
(Her hand make appearance in all the pictures 😂😂)

Her favourite is still putting socks into the 'washing machine'

My friends saw this book personally commented that the quality is really good compare to what they have hence the price

One book is $38 if you get more maybe you can ask for a discount or something I'm not sure tho ☺️

Also made a good gift too for babies! I keep one for my Friend's boy and gift it to him with other gifts when he turn one!

I promise to share the contact of the seller but I went missing 😂
sorry for taking so long,
please forgive me

The last time I contact the seller after I finally got it from my friend whom help me to buy was around December and she told me she doesn't have quiet book anymore but only Let's play and learn version not sure now tho..

But she did mentioned that if there's more than 10 orders for quiet book then she will bring in to I'll just left the contact here anyone who interested can just text her personally..

#goodthingsmustshare #notanadvertisment #notsponsoredpost

So here's the contact
Katrina +65 9336 6480

Katrina just texted to thanks me for sharing her contact saying there's influx of mummies send inquiry about the books! I asked her how she know is from me, she say some of you mentioned my name.. 😂

Hope your baby enjoy these cloth book as Chloe do!