5 Reasons Why I Quit Job to Be a Stay At Home Mom

This started with me dragging my feet back to work after maternity leave
from my 3 months maternity leave to 6 months then 9 months unpaid i decided this is it!
i want to be a Stay at Home Mum
we have no help here in Singapore and we could’t bear to send Chloe to childcare (#overlyattached)
i wanted to nurture my kids since the beginning
so i guess God granted my prayer
i always tell mum who asking for my advice that SAHM itself is a hardest job i had so far
long working hour, no MC, no OT, no salary and don’t talk about BONUS!
but the fulfillment of being a SAHM is what a normal job can’t provide
so let me list them down so i can constantly remind myself and be grateful
Guarantee money cannot buy!
from breastfeeding to sacrifice sleeps and spending time with your child
this is the best reward of all…
Chloe is very attached to me and Ming
every morning she would ask where is Papa? when i pick her up from her room or ask for Mama on weekend when daddy pick her up in the morning.
that’s kinda heartwarming coz she just love us equally and enjoy being with us
i guess it’s all worthy when she would randomly run to me for a hug or plant a kiss in the midst of playing..
as a person who spend most of time with her i know how to control her temper, how to stop her tantrum and know what she want and need
yes you may say we are overly attached but how long will a child attached to you?
cherish the moment when their world has only you and be irreplaceable to your child because you just can’t get this time back
To me early childhood is really important that’s when they shape up their personality and behavior
being a stay home i can really focus on her and be in touch with his emotional and physical milestones. I’m glad it was me and not a teacher or nanny who saw her sit up or laugh for the first time.
Home is where we learn whose we are. We’re not designed to journey through life alone. God created us to have relationship with Him. The most effective place for us to learn that is not so much at church — it’s at home! i wish i could teach her what right and wrong based on bible teaching before she enter school. People always say eventually they will learn something bad or fall sick from school or friends so why being so protective?Isn’t it that what a parent responsible to at least shape and nurture them as much as you can so they are armed when they entered the world. Yet in the first three years of life is when you shape their brain, their heart and mind! i wouldn’t say Chloe will ended up be a good person but at least i do my best.
i am able to spend time curating activities for my toddler to improve her motor skill, life skill and knowledge thru play! yes i want her to learn thru playing which we really want her to know that learning is fun is not boring or being forced to.
i’m drafting up a post of daily activities i do with Chloe at home!
the hardest part to let go is financially, with my salary we definitely live a better life
travel more? buy more and better toys and clothes for Chloe? buy a condo? buy a car?
but when i look back this so call “a better life” is not God favor or must
we are thankful that God provide Ming’s job with a salary that at least give a comfortable living
we still travel but not far, we still buy stuff for Chloe but average not the best things in store, hdb is not bad too and thanks for Grab, Uber and comfort and buses, a car is not necessarity for living in SG
You know what we’re actually spending less money of course right because we earn less what. This mean we actually doesn’t need that extra money that we thought it’s important.

However, I think i am becoming a better person because of it i spend money wisely now compare to when i’m working i indulge less in material. I am learning the difference between needs and wants on a daily basis of course still have room for improvement but i still learning to be better.

Also i’m constantly in amaze how God provides.
with who? haha of course with the husband!
i was the one who came out with the idea of quit the job he was all supportive from the very beginning, as we have no helps we rely on each other so so much..now i think we bond much better and grow better as a family
He is a very hands on daddy and husband, he helps on everything in the house (except he can’t cook, not complaining tho) when Chloe still young we always have the feeling that both of us is always on the same side fighting this battle dealing with sleep deprivation, a constantly crying baby and plenty of house chorus. Now i think we win this battle in one piece, now that Chloe sleep in her room we spend time catching up, watch a movie together. On and off when my mum come or we go home we will always sneak out for a dates, treasure the time even more and not taking each other for granted!
yes SAHM is boring sometimes especially you have to repeat daily task keeping the routine
when baby sleeps Hooray that “me time”!
at first i treasure all my me time by getting some house chores done, watch a drama, snack or a naps
slowly i thought why not start something? so i don’t waste those skills i gained from the pass few years and God send this opportunity of a friend of mine approached me for helping her part time in the company
Really God’s timing is always perfect!
and now i’ve been working from home for few hours everyday while Chloe sleep and naps.
perhaps i really enjoy it! I’m actually planing for a business too! i hope it work out.
Don’t get me wrong everything have its pro and cons! the biggest cons of SAHM is often feeling felt lost, without much identity kids losing socialization as they stay at home with you so much.
For me so far it’s rewarding, my baby is only a baby once and i don’t want to be regret the rest of life not spending enough time with them. As i adjust life as a stay-at-home mom, though, the rewards come to me on a daily basis. SAHM teaches me to be simple and humble. Still, life at home with the kids all the time can be frustrating.
But i am very sure that i’ll never regret being with them just about 24/7.
All in all, thanks God for His provides for that i could learn and gain above things.
This is a personal choice being SAHM doesn’t make me a better mum working mums has lot to scarifies too!

Last Dayre Post in 2017

Woke up earlier today maybe she had too much nap yesterday.. no choice but to cancel my plan of getting some work done before she wake up

When I ask her for a photo 😂 why so grumpy who ask you wake up so early

Don’t need to get anything from market so off to go to the park

Stroller because she need to drink milk see greens is better than tv screen

Sun is out! So we went hiding at Mcdonald for breakfast
She was saying: I pray! ( put her hand together) then babble in her baby language then proceed to say Amen! I’m sure God understand her prayers..
Haha so funny too bad didn’t record it down

Part time cleaning Aunty is here! Husband got excited whenever she’s here hahah coz he gonna come home with a clean house without him putting any effort except paying some money 😭 I’m happy too coz some part of the cleaning really need her to help! Like toilet scrubbing, ceiling fan, window and sometimes get her to help change the bedsheet! So thankful for her coz she do things really fast and clean! And very 自动!

No longer SAHM

First day of work… from home!!!

After 18months not touching any work related stuff!! Hope my skills still can use!
I’m helping on creative stuff for her online and offline boutiques.

When she first approached me I was like should I, can I cope with it..but hub was really supportive he say if not just hire maid wto help with he house chores at least I can to do something I used to like doing..

The best part is I still can be with chloe while earn some extra..erm.. for my shopping ! So let’s try it out

But I think somebody here not very happy with my new job hahaha

Quite challenging!

I’ve been telling chloe that I will need to do some work starting today onward Yala she may not understand but I think she can sense bit different than the usual she keep throwing tantrums for unknown reason 😂

We still go go thru usual morning routine when she’s playing on her own I would sneak in front of the computer and try to start on some work.when she realise I’m there she will come to me and ask for attention then entertain her till she play by herself then I work.Cycle repeats.

Then she announced it’s her lunch time keep telling me eat eat eat mum mum eat! Okie I just finish my first visual and ready to send for comment.. I usually eat with her but I want to send out the first draft so she ate alone.. poor girl

After sending out the draft went to check on her she finish half of her lunch which is not bad! She done with her meal faster today then she poo-ed good timing for bath! Now she talking herself to sleep while I look into second brief!

And I forget my own lunch 😭

Okie she fall asleep now should I eat or work!

Yeah first draft got approved!! Now send out second Creative then I think I’m done for today since the rest of the tasks need further info that can only get tonight..

Oh yesterday I brought chloe to a playgroup nearby for trial! Actually before the trial we are quite keen in sending her but after the session I’m not quite sure about it 😂

But I’m surprised that she totally fine without me around! First few min she cling on me but a teacher took over and she ok then started to forget about me for 2 hr! Surprise!
Teacher said she can focus and sit still for long time but I think it’s because she is still new and shy..

But she only interact with Teachers not friends at her age 😂

It’s a small class of 6 (which I preferred) with 3 Teachers..I’m not sure why everything seems ok but I just can’t get myself to sign her up, I really don’t know what stop me..

Maybe as hubby mentioned I should explore more places till we found the ONE!

Chloe napped for 3 hr! This seldom happen means I have sufficient me time!

Am I the only one who is excited for this Zara online launch? I don’t know why it’s kinda hard for me to shop at Zara in Singapore most the designs I want always sold out in my size I don’t really like to hunt it down in other outlets..so always ended up not buying anything! If I really want it I’ll get my sis to help me to buy in KL
Zara kid’s designs too those online are not available in store most of the time! So Zara online could save my problems! And I don’t need to go out at all!
Bye bye💰