No longer SAHM

First day of work… from home!!!

After 18months not touching any work related stuff!! Hope my skills still can use!
I’m helping on creative stuff for her online and offline boutiques.

When she first approached me I was like should I, can I cope with it..but hub was really supportive he say if not just hire maid wto help with he house chores at least I can to do something I used to like doing..

The best part is I still can be with chloe while earn some extra..erm.. for my shopping ! So let’s try it out

But I think somebody here not very happy with my new job hahaha

Quite challenging!

I’ve been telling chloe that I will need to do some work starting today onward Yala she may not understand but I think she can sense bit different than the usual she keep throwing tantrums for unknown reason 😂

We still go go thru usual morning routine when she’s playing on her own I would sneak in front of the computer and try to start on some work.when she realise I’m there she will come to me and ask for attention then entertain her till she play by herself then I work.Cycle repeats.

Then she announced it’s her lunch time keep telling me eat eat eat mum mum eat! Okie I just finish my first visual and ready to send for comment.. I usually eat with her but I want to send out the first draft so she ate alone.. poor girl

After sending out the draft went to check on her she finish half of her lunch which is not bad! She done with her meal faster today then she poo-ed good timing for bath! Now she talking herself to sleep while I look into second brief!

And I forget my own lunch 😭

Okie she fall asleep now should I eat or work!

Yeah first draft got approved!! Now send out second Creative then I think I’m done for today since the rest of the tasks need further info that can only get tonight..

Oh yesterday I brought chloe to a playgroup nearby for trial! Actually before the trial we are quite keen in sending her but after the session I’m not quite sure about it 😂

But I’m surprised that she totally fine without me around! First few min she cling on me but a teacher took over and she ok then started to forget about me for 2 hr! Surprise!
Teacher said she can focus and sit still for long time but I think it’s because she is still new and shy..

But she only interact with Teachers not friends at her age 😂

It’s a small class of 6 (which I preferred) with 3 Teachers..I’m not sure why everything seems ok but I just can’t get myself to sign her up, I really don’t know what stop me..

Maybe as hubby mentioned I should explore more places till we found the ONE!

Chloe napped for 3 hr! This seldom happen means I have sufficient me time!

Am I the only one who is excited for this Zara online launch? I don’t know why it’s kinda hard for me to shop at Zara in Singapore most the designs I want always sold out in my size I don’t really like to hunt it down in other always ended up not buying anything! If I really want it I’ll get my sis to help me to buy in KL
Zara kid’s designs too those online are not available in store most of the time! So Zara online could save my problems! And I don’t need to go out at all!
Bye bye💰

Road trip to Penang

Chloe first road trip! 🚗
Going Penang with my family for 2 days, We are half way there and finally chloe is down for her nap.. we spend 2 hr entertain her gave her snack and food then milk, video when she want to be out of car seat..there's few time my folks wanna give in and carry her out of car seat when she whine, but I insist not too coz dangerous I rather she cry..

First stop: cha kway tiao
We are here for food hunting obviously hehe

And this baby is not very happy about it

Famous rojak after lunch

Check in to airbnb.. I think we still prefer hotel 😂

Daddy girl

She will request for 背背now

Online Shopping @ LAZADA.SG

I was so busy with house moving these weeks..
we moved last week to our new place then spend 1 weeks plus to unpack stuff
as i’m matching into my third trimester i’m having bad round ligament pain and ache on lower back
shopping in the mall seems to be torturing for me i can’t stand or walk for long but we have plenty of things to buy for our new place also start hunting for baby’s stuff
Thanks Goodness i come across –  online shopping sites that you can basically find everything you need from home appliances, consumer electronics, skincare to fashionable time wear pieces

So i did some research online and reading various review, i decided to give it a try
i always buy clothes and cosmetic online but never did i thought of buying home appliances and baby stuff, and this could save my time and my bone which is aching badly 
Let me share with you my online shopping experience with
 i always prefer search engine then menu bar coz i can easily find what i want
and i think they did a great job on search engine as the categories will appear on dropbox once you type your search item simply select your categories and tadaa what you want is what you get!
The first thing i need get for the house is a kettle which we urgently need it for drinking water
as you can see there’s 180+ kettle from various brand to choose from and you get to slowly made your decision without having sales person mumbling beside you and most of the items are on sales (see the red tag) me and hubby way of buying electric appliances is to search for reviews online and prices among the sites.. so whenever we’re in the electric shop it’s so stressful as the sales person don’t give you time to think to go on phone to do research all they want is your money right now!
good thing about online shopping i take my own sweet time do my research and decide to go for Tefal Kettle simply click on the brand filter on your left for easy searching

and i found what i want! a sleek design safe to touch kettle from Tefal most important it’s on 16% discount!so yeah add to cart and proceed to checkout!
you may choose your preferred payment method, they even have cash on delivery!

I got everything for everyone kettle for new house, rack for hubby (he do the laundry), milk bottle for baby and breast pad for future milk cow aka me!
i complete my order on Friday and i got all the stuff deliver on Tuesday! which consider very fast!
everything pack nicely and the delivery men will called and check whether will you be at home to receive the parcel also status update for each parcel will send thru sms
i love the kettle and the garment rack while Comotomo baby’s milk bottle i haven’t got a chance to use it of coz but i really love the silicon design then i don’t know why I’m so confident my milk will leak so much that i need so many breast pad! ahaha hopefully ill put them in good use after baby is born..
From the ordering process, to delivery and even price and quality, Lazada really give me a trustworthy and secure online shopping experience!
i’m plannng to get baby diapers supply next time from lazada so i dont need to go out and carry those bulky diapers back home!
there’s more things i wanted to get!!! Below are my 10 top pick from Lazada!

1. IOPE Air Cushion XP Cover, 2.Bosch PPW3120 Bathroom Scale White, 3.Nescafe Dolce Coffee Machine, 4. Baby Bjorn Bouncer 5. Philosophy The Microdeliver Wash 6. Novita Water Pitcher, 7. Kao Merries Baby diaper 8. Joovy Nook Chair  9. New Technology Office Chair, 10. Philips Airfryer

there’s bound to be something for everyone at Lazada Singapore
Shop Now at