2.5 years old


At 2.5 years old or 31 months to be exact, she may be the less active toddler you see around, she doesn’t run around or enjoy playground facilities. She may look like 18 months instead of 2 years old physically, she’s belong to the smallest group among her classmate. Sometimes i wonder why and got worried why is she different from her peers, not so much of her activeness but her growth. I even bring her PD for this issue, but doctor assured me she is growing well just slowly maybe she’s a late bloomers or genetically inherit my petite figure. Still i am worried to be honest, i add in cheese and egg in daily meal make sure she finish her food and sleep well.

Chloe is an introvert girl, she prefer interacting with family or close friends. She often feel overwhelmed or anxious in new environments and around new people and take forever/never to warm up. She may look happy and cheery in the photos that’s because it was us who taking the photos, but if you happen to meet her in person, she will greet you with a expressionless face. She might be the most unfriendly kid you ever meet! However we try not to force her because there’s nothing to be shameful to be an introvert because mummy and daddy are one too. However she do get better when she goes to school, from overly protect her belonging to learning how to share with friends and open up to teachers. It just take time for her to get familiar with new people and environment.

They are at the age of absorbing things/knowledge very fast and i kinda like the idea of slow parenting which allowed kids to explore the world/skills/knowledge at their own pace, i know it’s impossible to apply that in Asian education but we see how it goes. When time arrived they just know it how for example phonics, potty train, shapes or colors. After introducing things like phonics, songs and flashcard for sometimes thru play and coloring, one day she just showed me that she recognized A-Z, shapes and colors. So patience is the key…

Her fine motor skill is good but gross motor skill is so bad, she still needing to hold on something go up or down the stairs, the chances of her taking risk very low or never. My mum say maybe because we seldom bring her outdoor to play or exercise i must admit that’s my fault because i prefer to stay indoor or in my tiny shelter, but when i bring her to the playground she always enjoy people watching, observe how others play rather than her playing, i really don’t know how?

Let them be little because they’re only that way for a while



Easy Meal prep

I cook almost everyday ever since Chloe started solid! We tried tingkat service for dinner before but i didn’t quite like the dishes and get bored after 1 month. Eat out is a dilemma to me, thinking what to eat where to eat with toddler, no thank you! So I cook lunch and dinner daily for healthy reason too, there’s market and ntuc in the neighborhood so it’s pretty easy to get ingredients.

I should really thanks my mum because she trained us how to cook since young although we have helper to help around in the kitchen but she forced us(especially me #elderchild) to be there when she cook, from chopping the ingredients to cook. I used to hate it back then because she would scold or nag a lot. She’s a working mother as an accountant, she’s always busy especially peak season when she work in audit firm but she still insisted to cook dinner for the family everyday without failed, even weekend she don’t mind cooking until today! We used to asked her to stop cooking because we want to eat out always wonder why do she like to cook so much! so much work! now i really understand why and i’m really thankful now i appreciate home cook meals!

Everyday i try to cook at least have a meat dish, vege and soup for balance diet but when I got lazy I’ll just have one dish meal that normally contain both meat and vege.

One dish meal

Stir fry vege and meat  | Slow boiled Black Bean Soup

french bean, edamame, lean meat with pacific clams

Childhood comfort soup

Corn, mushroom, carrot, tofu, meat and egg in anchovies & combu soup stock (added threadfin fish for chloe)

Seafood tomyam soup

i’m so happy to found this tomyam paste that taste very similar to the one my mum used to cook for us! of course Chloe can’t have a share of this so she got seafood soup with anchovies soup base

Hainan chicken rice

if we eat out on weekend usually don’t go for hawker food coz i want good food in my one-a-while dinning out so i do not know when was was the last time i had chicken rice. cook the rice from scratch with chicken stock, panda leaf, garlic and ginger, turn out not too bad. side is japanese spinach with sesame dressing

Sliced pork wrapped asparagus with teriyaki saurce

requested by hubby, sometimes i prefer to have him to tell me what he want to eat so i just cook accordingly without much planing..

Meatball two way | Slow boiled radish soup 

Mixed prawn, mince pork marinated for 2 hour then have it steamed and coated with breadcrumbs for air-fried. Chloe love the air-fried version so much!

Gyoza party @ Cellgroup

no we didn’t make it our cg leader brought this homemade gyoza from a chinese store at Kallang, taste very good!

Stir fry pork with bell pepper | Pork rib green papaya and peanut soup 

on lazy days when i cook one pot dish ill cook a bigger portion in the afternoon so i can just reheat it for dinner #lazymama

i love spicy food so you always see chili padi here and there normally i will portion out Chloe’s share before i add in chili..

My recent favorite groceries shopping spot =  Dondonki! Influenced by Cheeserland! enjoy reading her post so much, even Ming got poisoned! every one or two week ill make a trip to town after sending Chloe to school to get my Japaneses groceries fix! Best timing to go there in the morning, no crowd only some japanese ladies doing shopping, things are super fresh and rack are refilled! Oh and no queue for their famous sweet potatoes too! My main purpose this trip was to get ingredient for oden party! Strawberry is a must buy everytime i’m there for my strawberry lover at home aka Chloe!

Oden 🍢Forget to take a proper photo, followed tutorial from YouTube for oden soup base from scratch with combu, anchovies and bonito flakes! It’s a huge success accordingly to Ming, especially the daikon was so so good and we are hosting a oden party soon! Can’t wait already!

Chloe goes to school

It has been 4 months since Chloe enrolled in kindy, this year in N1 class for 3 hours (yeah to extra me time) i walked her to school everyday initial plan was Ming send her to school since class start about the same time he goes to work, but this daddy not very confident to handle her alone #superspoiled then he got busy with his latest project at work that require him to go to work earlier. Now i’m all alone to prep her and send/pick up Chloe..every time he get to escape so unfair! no choice who asked me want to be sahm right? luckily the little girl seldom whine or protest when we wake her up for school in the morning

So far she loves school i assume, never cried since the beginning but when you asked her if she want/like to go to school she sure shake head // do you like teachers? no! do you like your classmate?no! but every morning she willingly walk in by herself and wave goodbye to me with a subtle smile, so i guess she enjoy going to kindy.

Ever since Chloe started school, i need to crack my head to prepare snacks to bring to school, she’s picky eater la, Teachers always tell me she doesn’t like this or that i prepared for her.. so now i only give her fruits and cakes. As long as food she likes she doesn’t mind i repeat the same menu, but i feel so bad to keep preparing the same things for her, that’s so many snack box ideas out there but there’s also so many things this little girl refuse to eat or tried.


her school essential: Skip hop bottle // A Little Lovely Company – Bear snack box // A Little Lovely Company- Unicorn Mini backpack from privikids

Chloe seldom sick before entered school but now her keep getting running nose and cough so often that i need to stock up medicine at home..hope her immune got better very soon.

oh and next week is first term school holiday. that’s the first holiday she’e gonna spend at home with me last 2 holidays we went back to KL, actually been toying the ideas to bring her back but after considering her behavior (poor appetite and sleep)  from previous trip back i think we better stay in SG. I need to plan some home activities and bring her out for some outdoor fun.

Here’s some activities in SG i found online for march holiday

The Playground at Design District Dialogue

Entrance to the Playground

Peter Rabbit

Image result for peter rabbit

Maybe a movie date! Chloe love her Peter Rabbit storybook she will definitely enjoy the movie

Clarke Quay StreetFest

Lord-of-the-Rings-inspired act, The Tree

Art-Zoo Inflatable Park

One of Art-Zoo Inflatable Parks' inflatable characters. Photo: Colossal Pro

We went last year it was quite fun

Peppa Pig, Live!

actually we are this close to cart out the ticket! but Chloe is now on peppa pig withdrawal, i’ve stop letting her watching this cartoons (not that it’s a bad cartoon for kids i must admit she learn a lot words from this show but we want to try stop giving her screen time) for a month so maybe is not a good idea to watch this play

All About Dogs Exhibition @ Singapore Philatelic Museum

Dog toys around the Year of the Dog exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum

i think this is a small exhibition but admission is free and Chloe love dogs

 Thankful for so many good activities for kids every season around Singapore!! you can find more activities here or here