I’m on my way to hospital now for my follow up appointment while chloe went to school with grandparent and daddy, nothing serious just my doc manage to squeeze in a slot for me earlier in stead of initial appointment in Aug.

This weekend gonna be hectic one as the in law are here tonight we will bring them to our new house to take a look. Then tmr being then out still don’t know where to go tho, they’ve been to most of the places.

So far my ‘limit screen time’ project have been going quite well, I managed to follow my schedule and start on a book! Almost wanted to join the ask-me-something bandwagon in IG but when I see questions coming in I regretted and deleted my post. Not the questions that stop me but if I continue I’m sure this will make me keep checking on my phone which surely will broke my fast on screen time. So I went replied the question to them personally and stop the game.

This week I’m on my verbal vomit stage! Haha I couldn’t stop writing down thoughts whenever I’m get on the screen. I think it’s draw me away from browsing social media and shopping site, which is good!!


So after both normal and pelvic ultrasound scanned doctor say there’s a wall built in the uterine cavity they named it as Asherman’s syndrome. #whywhywhy This thingy prevented the administration of hormones that’s why my menses was mia for such a long time. After explaining the conditions, my Gynae then insert some screw or something in my cervix to loosen the wall and try to clean up, then i start bleeding no not menses but blood from the cervix wall from the screwing process. Why women have to go thru all this..i wonder. Doctor Tee gave me some hormone pill to help general hormones to fasten the process of getting menses. I’m asked to go back after 2 weeks if there’s still no sign of period then we need to remove it surgically. Really pray that menses will come soon so i don’t need to do that surgery.



Sick leave

We ended up at home on Friday with Ming on family care leave because i was on the bed whole day dealing with this cramp on my lower abdominal. It was so painful that i can’t even walk i’m sure it’s not period cramp but a different kinda pain that i never experienced. So i was bed rest and slept the whole day while Ming take care of Chloe, i feel our house was malfunction if i’m sick because we have no help Ming can’t go to work but stay home and take care of us. I really need to find out what happen to my body and be fit again, poor Chloe went school without tying her hair and wrong shoe, Ming told me teachers first response was Chloe what happen to you today, why your hair so messy? All teachers know mummy was sick laying on the bed, Chloe cannot disturb mummy because she proudly go and announcement to everyone in school. Didn’t went to doctor but scheduled once next week to find out why. The pain subsided the next day not all but much better so we can carrying on with our plans.


Only then i realized i accidentally arrange so many set of friends coming during this weekend till Monday. Wow i’m really sucks at planning my time, on Sat morning we went to the market get ingredient for steamboat dinner then adjourned to mall nearby for more ingredient and meet up with a friend from church. Brought her home serve her tea and cake while Chloe went to nap and did some discussion for our upcoming deco project in Church. We’re so detailed and focus till she’s was late for next appointment.

Steamboat dinner

Soon after SY left, Ming and i start to prepared for steamboat, good that we go for steamboat because the soup was sent to boil since morning we just need to take out the ingredients when our friends are here. This round was Ming’s friend Keatlim & PY , we prefer intimate gatherings so we only invite one set of friends a time also easier to prepare meal too. Chloe had her dinner first before our friends arrived so we can enjoy chatting and take our time to eat. The longest steamboat dinner ever from 7.30pm to 9.45pm we chat, eat chat and eat while Chloe entertained herself with toys and playing with PY on and off at the dinning table. No picture this whole weekend because we were too busy and good to off social media but focus on real face-to-face social life. We were so so full from all the eating, it’s been a while since i stuff myself with so much food!

Ping the Chef

On Sunday we went to church as usual after Sunday Schools we reached home almost 3pm! half day gone! Ping and Will are on the way here too for dinner! This round Ping was the main chef she in charge of the main dishes while i help around, so not that stress but fun cooking together we keep laughing at small things. Then we went downstairs to the playground after wake Chloe up from her nap, and left her with them while i go upstairs with Ming to get the dishes ready. So blessed to have them as they kinda enjoy spending time with her on and off she even want to be Chloe’s Godma.


So they were the 3rd set of friends then on Monday we have playdate with Vivian and Tong, is fun to see how toddlers play together they are at the age of knowing how to play with peers, made conversation even a simple bumper can entertained them for quite some times. Lastly tonight our banker will come over to get our bank loan application done!

Wow i’m impressed how i managed to survived after the abdominal pain episode! However Ming and i enjoy hosting friends at our little crib, we can foresee that we will do more at our new place! Next weeks onward i’m going to stop meeting friends but focus on sourcing for material meeting up ID/contractor before our trip.


Anyway this week was not done yet my in-law decided to visit this Thurs – Sunday, mainly to come and have a look on the house and spend sometimes with Chloe. So i have to cancel my gathering with sisters from Church, we’ve been looking to it for so long but my in-law seldom visit us so no choice but to be a good daughter-in-law. Ohh and also a breakfast date again with Sab but this round at my house. Cheers to exciting week ahead~


a true friend

Completed my job for the week and it’s Thursday meaning tmr after school i can plan a short outing with Chloe to meet friend or get some fabric for pillow as i need to sew another extra set to spare. My blogging mojo is back mainly because i need to keep myself update with our new house another reason is i love how private is this space now lesser view meaning more privacy. This blog mean a lot to me i’ve been blogging on and off since 2008 that’s 10 years worth of memories and counting! Where i gain so much friendship from and some followers that stick with me and my randomness for so many years so i hope i will continue it till i no longer can type? It turn out everytime when my space is empty and less people i tend to share freely and enjoy blogging, once my followers gain i will slow down and start stopping that happen to fb then blog same go to ig and dayre.

Yesterday i had breakfast date with Sab, we met at school after dropping off the kids then went nearby for a quick breakfast which ended up 3 hours of non-stop chatting. No fancy cafe/food we are makeup-less in our usual t-shirt and short with sandal seated at hawker stall nearby our house with a plate usual breakfast. I always enjoy chatting with her always gain so so much from her sharing in term of household stuff, kid’s education/behavior and spiritual encounter. From a total stranger whom meet in the market to friends that can chatted non-stop, i’m truly cherish this friendship. I really think that she is an angel to me, she want nothing from me but keep trying to offer her help. Even we know each other for short period but she know i’m a person who don’t like to trouble people so she tell me even i’m in trouble i’ll just keep quiet and do all things myself so she need to keep checking on me. That really so sweet of her, i never never heard that from a friend and this words really make me melt.

Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest it’s about who walked into your life and said i’m here for you.

After each meet up i always feel so recharged and happy don’t know why, maybe Sab is really my charger. I really do hope i brighten up her day too although i can’t give much input or advice because she’s another level up from me with 3 kids + helper but i hope my job as listener helps. Sab remind me that friendship can be so pure, I really pray to God that our friendship can remains as it is and thankful for such a good soul with positive vibes around me.