Chloe the slow eater

I should appreciate this space more, as i really enjoy reading back what i noted down over the years. I’m surprise i still get comments on and off from those who are reading tell me they enjoy reading what i written here or as me question on things that i mentioned, i thought this space is haunted long time ago that’s why i feel free and open to share my thoughts then any social media platform.

These days i stop posting anything in IG for some reason i choose to be quiet (there’s always this season of my life) get rid of all this influences from social media sometimes is a good detox. So basically i only interact with friends who care to text me personally get updates of each other on and off, that’s the real friendship i appreciate although my friend can count with one hand but as i grow older quality of friends over quantity.

Back to my little girl, recently i feel Chloe rather slow on eating meals and drinking her milk maybe that’s why she’s petite. Which sometimes can be very frustrating to us especially in the morning weird thing is she can finish her milk faster at night before sleep but not in the morning. Daddy who’s the one to bring her to school every morning got really stress up when she’s gonna be late for sure he is going to be late at work too. She’s on the smaller side so doctor say continue with her formula if not we should’ve abandon this milk thingy long ago. Luckily she go to school to have her breakfast if not it will take forever to leave the house.

We try to not rush her so much by waking her up earlier so she can slowly finish up her milk and leisurely walk to school. She is good in general but this eating and drinking is really something she need to improve. I always have meals with her we talked about school and everything while eating, when i’m done i used to wait for her to finish up her food which resulting meal time dragged way too long and i can be very impatient sometimes by feeding her or keep reminding her to eat up. So now i resorted that i should left the dining table by informing her once i finish my food i will left her concentrate on hers (luckily she never left her highchair before her bowl is empty if not that would be another set of problem), which works! she finished her food faster now (not very fast but at least faster) and proudly come to me showing her empty bowl. Finger crossed this works forever!

Ming’s and my parent commented both of us are not food lover since young hence our size so don’t expect Chloe to like food too. But i think that’s not the case is the mindset and the result of tradition weaning method that increase the picky eating behaviors, i am going to try BLW for sure for my next kid hopefully he/she will be more likely to develop positive interest in food and enjoy eating.

Chloe’s Room

Finally got down to write this i know i promise many in ig for house tour but after moving in for 3 months, i really got lazy and no motivation to take any video or photos. Finally last week Chloe was asking me to take some of her photos (vain right? my daughter) since she’s at it must as well took so photos of her room.

Chloe’s room was previously a maid room with attached storeroom, we hack away the storeroom (which cause quite a lot of trouble PE, HDB inspection and all) but no regret it’s all worthy because she now have the biggest room in the house. Spacious enough to put in her toys so my living room look less clutter and colorful. We go with very simple finishing pale dusty pink paint for the feature wall with slim shelving that our carpenter generously do it FOC for us enhance it with a pastel pendant light then the rest of the wall is plain white and light wooden vinyl flooring.

Basically we didn’t add any furniture for her except a build-in wardrobe that would probably last her till she married? (too ambitious?) I want this room to grow with her so loose furniture that can easy move around or removed would be best option.

She spent a lot of time in her room maybe more than i do in my room so i guess a comfy and spacious place for her is important. Weird thing is that i seldom need to help tidy up her room, she will keep her things in place instead of scatter things around the floor. I’m quite happy with that at least she take care of her own belonging. Now she’s getting more and more independent young i started her take ownership of small tiny tasks — however small — as it helps them understand the importance of being independent, i don’t do everything for her because i’m not her maid. She need to learn that she’s part of this family so this house belong to her too, so the sense of belonging to this family is important for her to learn to also be responsible of everything related to this household.

Chloe is quite used to her routine. Everyday she come home from school, she will unpack her bag pass me her snacks box and bottle proceed to put her socks and outerwear to laundry bag then wash her hand without me telling her. After shower she will put on clothes herself walk out her room hang her wet towel and collect her dirty clothes to the laundry bag! She goes toilet herself without me helping or step in the toilet from sitting on the wc, flush the water then wash her hand. When it’s nap time she walked in her room draw her curtains climb on bed put on blanket all i need to do is hold her hand say good night darling left the room with few more words then close the door. Every night she have to clean up the mess she made eg tidying up her book in the living room before bed, basically she is in charge of her own things my job is to cook for her and make sure she’s fed. So far she will do things without complains or being asked to, even her grandparents are impressed when they saw these during their visit. Of course there’s still a lot more for her to learn, and we will do it together.

I always get a lot of comments from aunties and friends asking me why don’t we send her to childcare? she will be more independent! i usually keep quiet or change topic. Teaching kids to be independent isn’t it parent’s job? not because they are force to do so because of that environment but learning from heart how to take care of themselves and their belonging with parent’s guidance. I wish her become more independent in these basic areas of living, but still depend on me for love, protection, guidance, and support.

House Kids Wardrobe

We got our wardrobe 2 week ago from ToppingsKids! It’s super easy to fix yet sturdy  Chloe and i love it very much! I like how simple and minimalist the design is plus the sweet pink shade which made a good additional furniture to Chloe’s room!

This kids wardrobe is good for display and teaching kids to learn organized their wardrobe Chloe is the one who decided the dresses to be hang on it.

She chosen all the pink outfits she own to be display on the rack. Then volunteered to hang her uniform there so she can wear it next day to school. It’s obvious that she love it as much as i do.

DSC06549-9It’s such a joy to take photos for this cheeky girl these day but she’s got too used to me or daddy to take her photos. She refused to cooperate in Class photo session last week, which left teacher no choice but let her skip her portraits photo. I tried to talk to her about it she just say she’s shy and she doesn’t want the uncle to take her photos.

i really hope she will outgrown it sooner or later as what teacher told me.

Back to the wardrobe it’s a brand from Korea name Petite-Maison they have the cutest kids furniture which exclusively imported by Topping Kids. I started followed them last year because of their famous momsboard which had been always in my wishlist for Chloe, but now on pending till we moved to our new place when Chloe have a bigger room to cater the board!

Go checkout their site for more awesome stuff!