This week recap

blog.jpg1. i have abs!!! not very obvious but it’s there!!!suddenly Ming told me that it’s that abs n your tummy?! i’m not super hardworking on working out just cycle everyday and light burner exercise on and off! my weight remainthe same but i feel healthier and sweating make me feel good!

2. Last week of school for Chloe before holiday start, so many activities school excursion to snow city, Christmas party and teacher-parent day which keep us really busy. I’m glad that this school make a lot of effort to make the kids enjoy school and learning,teacher especially doing good job building good relationship with the students. Over a year Chloe enrolled in this school one thing i’m super amazed there’s none/zero case of hmfd at all throughout the year!

3. Ming finally got his license converted, i am not sure what i am waiting for since i got my transcript ready, i should get mine done asap. We manage to rent a car to hunt for house related stuff at the east side the other day. Glad that we had our carseat ready and there a car sharing system located just next to our house so it’s super convenient to rent and return. Yeah to more drive in SG!

4. Toilet tiles are almost done!! The uncle got our master toilet tiles lay wrongly but got it fix later. My problematic wall still under pending which got me really stress up, the hdb in-charge person keep request for more stuff which even my QP don’t understand why. God please grant me wisdom to deal with him.

#MKCrib Update

IMG_0754.JPG*First photo of us in #kmcrib

Gotten our keys from our lawyer end of October, and finally it’s happening. Key of a place call H.O.M.E ! Right after the inspection done our super efficient contractor started his work without us saying anything, he just went they with us change the lock so his worker can easily access in to the house then the next day he already got his worker to hack away all the partitions and build-in cabinets.

There’s some hiccups along the way of course some extra requirement from HBD when we apply to hack away our entrance wall and building up a new storeroom. Long story short we are still in the midst of working on this with our newly hired professional engineer, pray that everything work out as planned! without that wall being hack i feel miserable and incomplete. We’ve been praying about this every night with Chloe!

So after a week of renovation, all the tiles on wall and floor hacked, new doorway open up and removed the curvy old door to square frame. Our new tiles are in i guess end of this week they will start laying the tiles! So far i’m kinda enjoy the process and glad that everything slowly coming together. Almost all furniture, fixtures and electric appliances are purchased now left our bed frame which i don’t know what we are procrastinating.

Bye bye A6000

IMG_0469.JPGWe have been talking about upgrading the camera but no action taken till recently me and Ming think in order to upgrade we need to let go our beloved A6000 which had been serving us very well and still in good condition after 4 years. if still working very good why the upgrade right? should just expand our lens collection? but recently i started to accept some jobs on and off so i think an upgrade is necessary and gadget pricing will keep depreciate while the A6000 still worth something must as well right.

So i went posted on IG and carousell with of course not very high hope lar coz i’m not letting go at dirt cheap price because my lenses and camera body still in very good conditions if no one want it i rather keep it then buy another lens instead of selling it low. Carousell buyers only interested in my lens as the new lens still worth the same as we brought it 4 years ago. I would say Sony camera second value really not bad! I got many dms like 30+ from IG and i found my buyer of the camera the next day! Thanks God! We have some mutual friends in IG so i trust her very much and so happen she’s living oversea too so i get S to bring it back to KL then my sister will COD with her friend. Hope she love the camera as we do, and capture a lot of beautiful memories with it!

Thanks for serving us so well dear A6…

God timing is always perfect if S was not here to visit over weekend to help us send it back this deal surely can’t done so soon! So the next day, we purchased our new camera Ming spend day and night surveying which body, lens and shops that offer best pricing. I will bring the new camera to next job this Thursday, super nervous! Pray hard that i produce nice outcome because this time it involves a lot of strangers and kids. God grant me wisdom!