Declutter my life

Last Sunday me and ping joined fleawhere market to sell off our pre-loved clothes. We managed to clear off most of our clothes and left a few pieces that we sent straight to h&m for their recycle program. 

We didn’t expect to earn any just be able to covered the rental of the booth will be good enough at the end we did plus some return. However it’s not the money that matter but the lesson after this, very obvious we do not need so much clothes in our life. Most of it was worn less than 2 times and some are even brand new with tag, why i like to buy clothes so much? i’m sure God don’t favor this habit of mine, a habit that i grown up with women in my family just love to spurge in clothing so it become a norm and seems nothing wrong.

We just buy and buy and buy at the same time we keep creating more and more waste! At one point i’m so angry at myself at the flea looking how  those clothes i brought was sold at such a low price and even when you offer them free, people may not want it! Why do i buy and not want to wear? what wrong with me?  After I’ve down-sized 50% of my wardrobe i do feel better and less guilty, for the time being i do NOT need new clothes to fill up the space i hope i don’t in the future. 

So i’ve set my goal for next year – buy less and use more of what i have! it’s more a less confirm that we wouldn’t be having a storeroom and that may be first step that God’s plan for us to change our lifestyle. No storeroom meaning we can’t buy repetitive items, no storage for extra stuff, also means that we need think think think before purchase make! This week i’m going to un-follow those account that just keep sharing what they buy or want to buy or whatever reviews those shall be a poison to me for now. Then are those mailers sadly part of job is email marketing so i can’t unsubscribe all. 

Other than stop buying clothes for myself i shall stop for Chloe, she’s doesn’t need much clothes too. Why a child need so much clothes when they stay at home most of the time? a good question to me!So no black friday/cybermonday or whatever boxing day sales for me unless for something we don’t have and really need it. From now on i shall only buy things/toys that benefit Chloe growth, for education purpose while clothes help nothing in these for sure. I’m pretty sure i want to be a minimalist starting next year and it start at my new home!

part of this minimalist potential list that i ticked off.

  1. If you can’t stop giving stuff away, and your dog is worried that he’s next, you might be a minimalist.
  2.  If a friend asks you to go shopping, and you would rather go to the dentist (cafe), you might be a minimalist.
  3.  If you don’t want your parents/friends to stop by your yard sale, because you are selling their stuff or things they gifted you, you might be a minimalist.
  4. If you have more free time than ever before, you might be a minimalist.
  5. If you have ever used a car share service, you might be a minimalist.
  6. If you are curious about living with less than 100 things, you might be a minimalist.
  7. If clutter makes you crazy, you might be a minimalist.
  8. If people who can fit all of their belongings in a backpack inspire you, you might be a minimalist. (a zero waste lifestyle really interest me too!)
  9.  If you schedule time for nothing, you might be a minimalist.
  10. If words like trinket and souvenir make you cringe, you might be a minimalist.
  11. If you spend more time thinking of ways to reduce your overhead than ways to make money, you might be a minimalist.

Being a minimalist means you value yourself more than material things. It means making decisions based on what you need instead of getting everything you want. It does not mean the things you buy are cheap. It means they are something you need, regardless of how much they cost.

A person can decide how much of a minimalist lifestyle they want to lead. They can do it in stages as well. Most people begin by going through their home and getting rid of things they no longer need. Over time, they are able to pare their life down to a much more minimalist style. source

I’m so looking forward~ wish me luck!


This week recap

blog.jpg1. i have abs!!! not very obvious but it’s there!!!suddenly Ming told me that it’s that abs n your tummy?! i’m not super hardworking on working out just cycle everyday and light burner exercise on and off! my weight remainthe same but i feel healthier and sweating make me feel good!

2. Last week of school for Chloe before holiday start, so many activities school excursion to snow city, Christmas party and teacher-parent day which keep us really busy. I’m glad that this school make a lot of effort to make the kids enjoy school and learning,teacher especially doing good job building good relationship with the students. Over a year Chloe enrolled in this school one thing i’m super amazed there’s none/zero case of hmfd at all throughout the year!

3. Ming finally got his license converted, i am not sure what i am waiting for since i got my transcript ready, i should get mine done asap. We manage to rent a car to hunt for house related stuff at the east side the other day. Glad that we had our carseat ready and there a car sharing system located just next to our house so it’s super convenient to rent and return. Yeah to more drive in SG!

4. Toilet tiles are almost done!! The uncle got our master toilet tiles lay wrongly but got it fix later. My problematic wall still under pending which got me really stress up, the hdb in-charge person keep request for more stuff which even my QP don’t understand why. God please grant me wisdom to deal with him.

#MKCrib Update

IMG_0754.JPG*First photo of us in #kmcrib

Gotten our keys from our lawyer end of October, and finally it’s happening. Key of a place call H.O.M.E ! Right after the inspection done our super efficient contractor started his work without us saying anything, he just went they with us change the lock so his worker can easily access in to the house then the next day he already got his worker to hack away all the partitions and build-in cabinets.

There’s some hiccups along the way of course some extra requirement from HBD when we apply to hack away our entrance wall and building up a new storeroom. Long story short we are still in the midst of working on this with our newly hired professional engineer, pray that everything work out as planned! without that wall being hack i feel miserable and incomplete. We’ve been praying about this every night with Chloe!

So after a week of renovation, all the tiles on wall and floor hacked, new doorway open up and removed the curvy old door to square frame. Our new tiles are in i guess end of this week they will start laying the tiles! So far i’m kinda enjoy the process and glad that everything slowly coming together. Almost all furniture, fixtures and electric appliances are purchased now left our bed frame which i don’t know what we are procrastinating.