Chloe turns 4

This year we go with simple celebration there many reason but most important we want Chloe to know birthday can be simple as long as your loved ones is with you and it should be a day to count your blessing instead of just receiving, it doesn’t need to be have many cakes, parties with many friends or relatives. I hope she would learn to be less entitled and not taking those things for granted or to expect a big celebration every year and also this mummy is too heavy to do anything although it’s a long weekend but we going to do it slow and fruitful. Chance upon Joanne Peh doing this 1 for all birthday for her daughter who had birthday a day before Chloe’s i think it’s meaningful.

We picked one gift for her just one that she’s been asking for (and too bad the gift is still not arrived yet! ) but she doesn’t know or expect anything so she totally fine with no present maybe she’s contented with the gifts given by my family and close friends to her.

One simple and quick celebration at school with her requested theme- Cinderella, an inexpensive cake, TB Cinderella’s outfit and handmade goodies bags that she involved in preparing for her friends.

A friend to celebrate, we invited a her classmate A over for a short play date without letting her mummy know it’s meant for Chloe birthday so she don’t prepare present for her. She have great time playing with A and i have good chat with A’s mummy we don’t even have time to take a photo of them playing. It was short 2.5 hours play but they both had fun and lot of laughter.

A place to go on her birthday, i picked Kidszania because it’s a place i think she would enjoy and learn something from the roles playing.

As usual Chloe always need her time to warm up it took her 3 jobs to finally into her cheerful self. At the first 3 jobs she just to want to observe others and refuse to wear the designated uniform or get on the ambulance but we let her be and lucky the assistant there do not force her but slowly guide her.

These 2 jobs that she still haven’t warm up, at this point we thought we make a wrong choice of bringing her there and lucky we didn’t leave after snack and some food she’s got all excited and wanted to do more.

First uniform she put on the pharmacist, she’s the youngest among the batch but she’s totally fine and listen to instruction and thankful for this older boy who help and assist her around.

Playing customer at 7 eleven, and lab assistant for milk powder. She started to have so much fun and request to join every queue. Thank God the queue that day was acceptable although it’s a public holiday. She would sit with the kids queuing, sometimes had snacks or just rest and daydream. She also went to the bank to open account on her own at Maybank (Gong gong was so proud of her because he worked in Maybank till retirement) the workers there realized it was her birthday and sing a loud birthday song for her and she was so shy keep looking back at us don’t know how to response.

This is one of 2 jobs she enjoy the most, she look super cute in the fire fighter outfit (sorry biased mum here) all smiley and enjoy the task given.

Last job of the day after spending whole day there complete 7 jobs we will definitely come back very soon to cover other jobs! It’s a fun day and too fun that Chloe was having mild fever that evening so we cancel our dinner plan and head home straight. That long weekend we just stay in and nursed her fever and avoid going out spread the virus lucky she got recovered after school resume.

When she feel better we decided to get a simple peach tart for small celebration to cheer her up, she was so happy to be able to blow candle.

We love you so much sweetheart, we always Thank God for you as our first born. Our love to you will never cease and these 4 year with you had been a huge blessing, we looking forward for more wonderful memories ahead with you and didi!

My prayer for you, “God continue guide you in your life so you can be a God-dependent child and follow His words in all the decisions you made in your life. Help you be content in the way God had made her and not long for something more or worldly but count your blessing everyday.”

Good reads

The Montessori Toddler: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being by Simone Davies

I regretted not reading it earlier because Chloe had already passed the toddler stage if i read it earlier i could do it better but there’s no turning back in a children life. But i’m still glad i read it and make me understand her better and prepare myself raising didi as well. Even you don’t want to apply Montessori method in your daily life this book still help you to understand your toddler better and give a guide on how to handle them in different stages. I love how clean and easy to read this book is, finished it within a week read it everywhere before bed, in the playground, while having breakfast alone outside ditch the phone to book is a good option and good example to the kids too. There’s a lot of practical examples for us to refer to from eating problem to sibling and a better way to parent a curious child.

Going Slow

It’s a crazy world to adult there’s no doubt to it but we parent are trying to get our kids to get involved in rat race too enrichment classes, extra curriculum, sports and all. I love how Montessori emphasize “go slow” let them explore their interest themselves home is fun place to be and there’s so much to learn at home. We tend to outsource too much in parenting and forget how to be a parent, we try to earn more $ so we can send them to this and that class or buy them this and that or bring them travel far, we throw phone and screen to them so we can have sanity but all they need is our present in daily life. We’re our children guide not their slave. According to Simone toddler appreciate our slower pace, which make it easier for them to absorb all that around them. Go slow encourage our child’s curiosity, going at their pace, rushing less. saving more time for play and exploration as a child’s work is to Play and they learn from play.

Send little help

We tend to help and protect our kids too much, we do everything for them. This book teach us to include the child in daily life, they are parts of the house don’t always think they are too young for this or that, involving them is making connections and memories that will last a lifetime. I need to remind myself on this too “stepping in as little as possible and as much as is necessary” then stepping back for the child to continue trying and that’s where they learn. Allow time in everything instead of rushing, be friendly and gentle about mistake.

Eating problem

To my surprise this book even covered topic on eat and sleep problems, and how we can help our kids with. I’ve been applied the suggested method for 2 weeks now i can see some improvement in Chloe’s eating habit hope it can correct the mindset of mealtime to this picky eater of mine. Basically what i do now is get her involve in meal planning when she’s at the market with us she get to pick which vege or food she wants and we will buy it . Get her involved in meal preparation as much as i can if timing is not right ill just show her the ingredient that she brought previously to remind her that she picked that for dinner today. I feel i had been ambitious with her portions before this since she is definitely not a big eater, so i let her scoop the amount of rice/noodle she want and tell her how much she take she have to finish it. Then we eat together and make conversation to make the whole mealtime enjoyable, instead of keep rushing her to finish up. After i finished my food ill set a time in my mind if she couldnt finish it by the time, ill gently tell her that i think she’s full and done with her meal and ill clean it away if she’s hungry later she can eat it on next meal.

there’s so much to learn to be a parent as much as i like montessori method but biblical teaching will always be the base for in all, we can never done a 100% job as a parent because we are sinners (same to the child) but we should try our best don’t always option for the easy way out because it’s involved a child’s life and the personality, character and values that follow them as they grow.

On to next book i go…

Productive day

Hasn’t been so productive since this pregnancy, feel energetic and almost forget I’m heavily pregnant till my back hurt and leg sore at the end of the day.

Usually I avoid unnecessary trip to the market unless I really need to get something to cook, so actually today Ming went in the morning before he went to work but he didn’t get fish and I’m craving for cod fish. So I walked down to buy also to collected my u.s parcel. I’m little regret half way back with the sun scorching and heavy parcel to carried. Why I do this to myself?

After coming home no rest, I went straight to unbox and take out batches of Chloe’s old clothes we arranged last weekend, took pictures and post it to sell in my ig! Then busy reply enquiry here and there posted 2 batches but managed to sold 5 batches of preloved baby girl clothes. Really thankful my Friend and followers are supper supportive, still have some enquiry even I posted sold out and they wiling to wait for more. Actually before this I packed 2 big bags Chloe’s old clothes for 2 friends who having girls but ended up with these leftover which in mint condition then Ming suggest to try sell it and fund for didi’s clothing. Who know it work out! I can now go shop more clothes for didi…

While replying msg, I went to fried some beehun (another craving) for lunch and Chloe is back from school. I put my phone aside till she went to nap, usually I’ll took a nap or lay on my bed to read or watch drama but today I decided to start working on Chloe’s birthday goody bags. Really forget about being pregnant 😅 and spend the afternoon doing it till Chloe woke up from nap then we proceed to playground.

Come back cook dinner, eat then wash dishes, cut fruits and my back finally gave me warning. I need to sit down my legs are sore too but after awhile I went to do more cutting and printing I guess i just can’t let work hanging. And ming finally back earlier first time of this week he managed to put Chloe to bed, thank God I need my bed now.

reminder to self::