Good reads

The Montessori Toddler: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being by Simone Davies

I regretted not reading it earlier because Chloe had already passed the toddler stage if i read it earlier i could do it better but there’s no turning back in a children life. But i’m still glad i read it and make me understand her better and prepare myself raising didi as well. Even you don’t want to apply Montessori method in your daily life this book still help you to understand your toddler better and give a guide on how to handle them in different stages. I love how clean and easy to read this book is, finished it within a week read it everywhere before bed, in the playground, while having breakfast alone outside ditch the phone to book is a good option and good example to the kids too. There’s a lot of practical examples for us to refer to from eating problem to sibling and a better way to parent a curious child.

Going Slow

It’s a crazy world to adult there’s no doubt to it but we parent are trying to get our kids to get involved in rat race too enrichment classes, extra curriculum, sports and all. I love how Montessori emphasize “go slow” let them explore their interest themselves home is fun place to be and there’s so much to learn at home. We tend to outsource too much in parenting and forget how to be a parent, we try to earn more $ so we can send them to this and that class or buy them this and that or bring them travel far, we throw phone and screen to them so we can have sanity but all they need is our present in daily life. We’re our children guide not their slave. According to Simone toddler appreciate our slower pace, which make it easier for them to absorb all that around them. Go slow encourage our child’s curiosity, going at their pace, rushing less. saving more time for play and exploration as a child’s work is to Play and they learn from play.

Send little help

We tend to help and protect our kids too much, we do everything for them. This book teach us to include the child in daily life, they are parts of the house don’t always think they are too young for this or that, involving them is making connections and memories that will last a lifetime. I need to remind myself on this too “stepping in as little as possible and as much as is necessary” then stepping back for the child to continue trying and that’s where they learn. Allow time in everything instead of rushing, be friendly and gentle about mistake.

Eating problem

To my surprise this book even covered topic on eat and sleep problems, and how we can help our kids with. I’ve been applied the suggested method for 2 weeks now i can see some improvement in Chloe’s eating habit hope it can correct the mindset of mealtime to this picky eater of mine. Basically what i do now is get her involve in meal planning when she’s at the market with us she get to pick which vege or food she wants and we will buy it . Get her involved in meal preparation as much as i can if timing is not right ill just show her the ingredient that she brought previously to remind her that she picked that for dinner today. I feel i had been ambitious with her portions before this since she is definitely not a big eater, so i let her scoop the amount of rice/noodle she want and tell her how much she take she have to finish it. Then we eat together and make conversation to make the whole mealtime enjoyable, instead of keep rushing her to finish up. After i finished my food ill set a time in my mind if she couldnt finish it by the time, ill gently tell her that i think she’s full and done with her meal and ill clean it away if she’s hungry later she can eat it on next meal.

there’s so much to learn to be a parent as much as i like montessori method but biblical teaching will always be the base for in all, we can never done a 100% job as a parent because we are sinners (same to the child) but we should try our best don’t always option for the easy way out because it’s involved a child’s life and the personality, character and values that follow them as they grow.

On to next book i go…

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