Productive day

Hasn’t been so productive since this pregnancy, feel energetic and almost forget I’m heavily pregnant till my back hurt and leg sore at the end of the day.

Usually I avoid unnecessary trip to the market unless I really need to get something to cook, so actually today Ming went in the morning before he went to work but he didn’t get fish and I’m craving for cod fish. So I walked down to buy also to collected my u.s parcel. I’m little regret half way back with the sun scorching and heavy parcel to carried. Why I do this to myself?

After coming home no rest, I went straight to unbox and take out batches of Chloe’s old clothes we arranged last weekend, took pictures and post it to sell in my ig! Then busy reply enquiry here and there posted 2 batches but managed to sold 5 batches of preloved baby girl clothes. Really thankful my Friend and followers are supper supportive, still have some enquiry even I posted sold out and they wiling to wait for more. Actually before this I packed 2 big bags Chloe’s old clothes for 2 friends who having girls but ended up with these leftover which in mint condition then Ming suggest to try sell it and fund for didi’s clothing. Who know it work out! I can now go shop more clothes for didi…

While replying msg, I went to fried some beehun (another craving) for lunch and Chloe is back from school. I put my phone aside till she went to nap, usually I’ll took a nap or lay on my bed to read or watch drama but today I decided to start working on Chloe’s birthday goody bags. Really forget about being pregnant 😅 and spend the afternoon doing it till Chloe woke up from nap then we proceed to playground.

Come back cook dinner, eat then wash dishes, cut fruits and my back finally gave me warning. I need to sit down my legs are sore too but after awhile I went to do more cutting and printing I guess i just can’t let work hanging. And ming finally back earlier first time of this week he managed to put Chloe to bed, thank God I need my bed now.

reminder to self::

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