7 years of marriage

That was us on our first wedding anniversary. Looking young, free and trimmed, look at us now one is balding another wrinkles everywhere and tummy full of stretch marks.

This morning I wake up suddenly remember that we missed our 7th wedding anniversary! We did have our dinner date a week before totally forget to wish each other on the actual date! 老夫老妻 is like tat but I’m okie with it because I am still very much enjoy doing life with this guy and can’t wait for more adventures in future, thanks for always put me and her daughter first before anything. Always work as a tag team raising our girl!

Ming has been swamped at work, coming home late around 8 – 9pm. He look very stressful and busy with this big project he is leading, some night his mind just couldn’t rest that causes him insomnia and headache. So heart pain looking at him, other than talking and reading bible together I can’t help much. So I try my best to do my part taking good care of the house and Chloe some night just get her in bed without waiting for daddy. This is going to last for a few months, Ming always come to me and say sorry coz he couldn’t help much at home recently but I know he work so hard for us.

Third trimester is approaching I pray daily to God for a smooth and easy months ahead so he could continue focus at work while me taking good care of the house.

We love you daddy, just enjoy doing what you love at work don’t worry about us! We will support you no matter what and pray for you!

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