Random pregnancy rant

Gained 6 kg so far at 6 months. Not gonna control diet for now aiming to gain a least 12 -14 kg this pregnancy i hope.

Recently i love to wear top and maternity pant combo instead of dress, those flare dresses that make me feel even bulkier in person. This top and bottom is actually easier and lighter too, my mum say my legs and arms are still and it’s obvious that my tummy is much bigger compare to others at the same month. Chance upon Melissa Koh’s bumpie timeline my bump now at 24 months actually the same size of her 37 weeks! so big can, but she work out lar and first baby so Ming say cannot compare. But i wonder what is inside this huge bump other than baby.

Getting really bored with my hair now the last time i step into a salon was January is time to get a trim or something. My skin hasn’t been so bad this hormone thingy is so scary acne just couldn’t stop popping up on my face i really hope the scars will go away and my skin will back to normal after baby born. Can’t wait for the new skincare set i ordered to arrive and hope it help a little on clearing the pimple scars.

Also this travel bug have been bugging me to go travel really feel like bringing Chloe to travel she’s been home bound this school holiday, but we don’t want to take a risk so maybe a staycation before i pop and planning trips for next year after baby joined us. Just by planing it make me excited!

Next thing to do is to revamp our guest/study room into baby’s nursery, gotta the moodboard ready and stuff we ordered from us and tb are on the way. Although really do not keen to move the computer desk to the living it will definitely spoil the aesthetic but no choice house too small.

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