> Half way there

Baby’s kicks getting obvious each day, especially when I finally lay down on the bed or rest on the coach after a busy day. “Seems to remind me hey mummy I’m in here, don’t forget about me slow down with what you doing”. Now i’m enjoying this pregnancy back to cooking and able to walk and go out to shop also can’t stop buying bump friendly clothing, also slowly start to buy some baby essentials.

my first born

Chloe is now on holiday so I try use less phone in front of her, engage her with activities and conversations. I’m still not very confident of bringing her out on my own for now so home bound it is, try to have fun at home like today while listening to Aladdin ost we are pretending to sit on a magic carpet and she had so much fun, when daddy is home she request daddy to drag her carpet with her on it the whole house and pretend to be princess Jasmine. She is so into Disney and princess stuff after she went to Disney on Ice in April with daddy. Maybe I should try bring her out for another movie this week so we can stop listening to Aladdin playlist for awhile. We don’t want to take risk to travel too, so this year we’re not going anywhere although i really miss going travel but for now my priority shall be nesting and make sure everything goes well with this pregnancy.

I’m sure after baby #2 come along we can’t have full attention on her so it’s important for us to really enjoy this 1-1 time now also mind-prep her as much as we can. I hope I can have equal time with her even baby join us, 1-1 date, activities resume as usual when baby nap. I might be too ambitious but for the time being i don’t want to send her to childcare because of baby arrival. I I wish she can learn to adapt and take care of baby together with me like how she help with simple house chores now. I want to let her know nothing is going to change with baby coming along, her routine will be the same, school and everything is the same old one but we all have new responsible not just mummy and daddy but her too as a Sister.

I always admire those mummies can handle more than 1 kid without help, I hope I can at less handle 2 myself. Nurture them together having them grow up together spend time Everyday. I’m sure it’s gonna be hard and need time to adjust especially the first few months but we will surely make it there with God nothing is impossible.

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