Dad’s 60 Birthday Dinner

Planned a last minutes trip back last weekend for my dad’s 60 birthday. The initial plan was to give him a surprise by telling him we can’t make it back but appear at the dinner. However the folks are not good at keep secret my mum went and tell then my in law also tell him that we are coming back. So we the children planned this dinner for him as a present by inviting relatives to celebrate together. My dad picked this old school restaurant that he always go the food is surprising good and very old school taste!

Got the cake sorted a week before luckily the baker managed to squeeze in our order and follow what i requested. It was overall a good and simple celebration wishes my dad enjoy his retire life as much as possible by travelling around and also continue being active and healthy.

**gender reveal to surprise my parent and in law by asking the baker to add a stripe of colored cream inside the cake. It was fun and lucky we did it, coz i love everything surprise.

As mentioned earlier, we did a gender reveal in May during our trip back on my dad’s birthday dinner for my parent and in-law. While my dad was still clueless about how this baker know about baby’s gender and all my in-law had been anticipate the reveal. Check out my mil overjoyed expression above while my fil was busy texting everyone in the family group about the result. One thing for sure if girl i wouldn’t do any gender reveal coz outcome will be different since she really wanted a boy in the family for long hence the excitement, but I’m sure be it girl or boy they will still love them equally.

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