To love of my life

Today is your birthday ever since we got Chloe your birthday always shared with Mother’s day. You’re always panicky asked me what i want
a few weeks before and running around to get me mother’s day gifts. I think you appreciate me more than a mother then a wife..haha no worries i’m secretly happy to be appreciated this way at least you see my effort as a mother. You don’t mind sharing the limelight because you’re always prefer to be low profile . So this year i researched a few restaurants to celebrate your birthday cum mother’s day and you picked Lawry’s The Prime Rib and it’s was a smart choice because they have Mother’s day 5 course meal!

He got the signature prime rib as main and mine was the lamb not sure when i love lamb so much every time we’re in a western restaurant i will go for lamb dish while Chloe had her first 3 course kid’s meal which she ate a lot. Everything was perfectly done and we are so full and stuff, super glad that my appetite is back!

my ohana, my everything

they also had this complimentary birthday cake so we end the dinner with 4 desserts on the table that we can’t finish it. Overall is a good dinner and my old-fashioned and practical husband love everything classic and this place fit his bill!

Finally feeling better to dress up and make up so must take a photo and we haven’t take any photo of the bump which Chloe insisted to join. We had a great night and good to feel normal and functional again!

Thanks dear husband, for all the love and sacrifices you provide to our little family. I couldn’t Thanks God enough for you as my husband because you’re perfect to me, you always made me feel safe, cherished and appreciated. You work so hard and never uttered a single complaint so i can stay home and focus on our child watch her grow, nurture her and witness every milestones. I’m always thankful for this opportunity to be able to live aboard so we could build our family on our own and learn to be independent although we some times feel hopeless and lonely without family or helps around but with you i know we will be able to go thru every challenges as a team/partners. You always so supportive and put our need/want at the very first place, during last few months of my early pregnancy you take up all the house chorus handle Chloe all by yourself and even bring her out alone every Saturday so i could rest at home and enjoy some quiet time.

As we are marching toward our 7 years of marriage, i pray to God to continue help us grow spiritually together and love unconditionally, be humble and gentle to each other and teach us to depend on God through every difficult moment we face together in future. Love you to moon and back!

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