Chloe Chloe

Bad influence by her ah yi who love bbt, when she was in Sg she went around queuing for bbt and heytea was introduced to Chloe ever since. She love the logo for I don’t know what reason even when I asked her to pose for photo this pose appeared!

Don’t know to laugh or cry.

We’ve been back to KL for 2 weeks for now going back soon to our home sweet home and poor lonely daddy. Is a good recharge although I’ve problem sleeping on my sister bed but all is good when family is always around to help. Chloe developed fever after her 3 days water play with my mum then in-law then my mum. But I’m Glad family wiling to bring her out without me tagging along, she spend great time with in law and her favorite Cousin at the pool and outing. Going shopping with my dad when I’m in a meeting, my dad can’t stop praising her being well behaved never asked to buy anything, listen and can be reason, eating better when they are out too. He once said to me that I’ve taught her well, I feel so touched my decision of spend this early childhood with Chloe got approved by my dad who used to keep asking me back to work when i decide to be sahm is quite a comfort and assurance to me. Maybe he is just a biased grandpa but he is always honest and straight forward to me so this mean a lot to me, and in my memories my dad never brought us out alone when we’re young but he wiling to bring Chloe by himself really amazed me!

I may have loss 4 year worth of salary to indulge, saving to deposit in the bank or travel to more countries. Times spend with my child is never wasted or regretted. Thanks God for this blessing!

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