Chloe the slow eater

I should appreciate this space more, as i really enjoy reading back what i noted down over the years. I’m surprise i still get comments on and off from those who are reading tell me they enjoy reading what i written here or as me question on things that i mentioned, i thought this space is haunted long time ago that’s why i feel free and open to share my thoughts then any social media platform.

These days i stop posting anything in IG for some reason i choose to be quiet (there’s always this season of my life) get rid of all this influences from social media sometimes is a good detox. So basically i only interact with friends who care to text me personally get updates of each other on and off, that’s the real friendship i appreciate although my friend can count with one hand but as i grow older quality of friends over quantity.

Back to my little girl, recently i feel Chloe rather slow on eating meals and drinking her milk maybe that’s why she’s petite. Which sometimes can be very frustrating to us especially in the morning weird thing is she can finish her milk faster at night before sleep but not in the morning. Daddy who’s the one to bring her to school every morning got really stress up when she’s gonna be late for sure he is going to be late at work too. She’s on the smaller side so doctor say continue with her formula if not we should’ve abandon this milk thingy long ago. Luckily she go to school to have her breakfast if not it will take forever to leave the house.

We try to not rush her so much by waking her up earlier so she can slowly finish up her milk and leisurely walk to school. She is good in general but this eating and drinking is really something she need to improve. I always have meals with her we talked about school and everything while eating, when i’m done i used to wait for her to finish up her food which resulting meal time dragged way too long and i can be very impatient sometimes by feeding her or keep reminding her to eat up. So now i resorted that i should left the dining table by informing her once i finish my food i will left her concentrate on hers (luckily she never left her highchair before her bowl is empty if not that would be another set of problem), which works! she finished her food faster now (not very fast but at least faster) and proudly come to me showing her empty bowl. Finger crossed this works forever!

Ming’s and my parent commented both of us are not food lover since young hence our size so don’t expect Chloe to like food too. But i think that’s not the case is the mindset and the result of tradition weaning method that increase the picky eating behaviors, i am going to try BLW for sure for my next kid hopefully he/she will be more likely to develop positive interest in food and enjoy eating.

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