January ending soon

Rare Monday that I’m free in the afternoon while Chloe take her nap, as cny draw nearer that’s gonna be end of the peak season at my job. Gonna enjoy job-free weeks till mid of Feb!

It’s been a month since we moved in, unpacking was crazy and overwhelmed having to work, taking care of Chloe, house chores and cook at the same time I finally down with fever. My body need rest and remind me i ain’t superwomen. Juggling so many tasks the same time gives me big satisfaction when things turn out good as i expected it but I really need to slow things down, I need to take care of my body too.

I recovered pretty quick but I pass my virus to poor Chloe. She seldom sick when she does it’s always from me, sorry baby.

Back to #mkcrib its nearly 95% done! Just need to got the curtain hang up and some wall fixtures to be done but we shall leave that after cny. I don’t want them to collect dust when we are away. Speaking of cny this year quite no mood as we are so busy with the house we got nothing prepared! Just a few pieces of new clothes of each of us, that’s it 😖. I think this year marked the year we brought the less new year clothes even Chloe! Broke record she usually have new outfit till day 10 (at least) but this year only 3 and one pair of shoe because she outgrown most of her shoes. I’m not worry or gonna buy more actually, just play around with current and new outfit I think we are good. I really hope we are matching to minimalist lifestyle, I really do.

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