Hello December

Start the month with a good news that our troublesome wall finally got approval to hack after so many hassle! Because of this wall the renovation was delayed because nothing can be done if hacking still needed to be done.. anyway Praise the Lord although our initial plan was not placing a door there but i guess we need to follow the HDB rules so we need to compromise.

Tiles are all laid next will be change of all windows- lighting – paint – vinyl -pumping follow by carpentry of course all this after this wall being hack down and make good.

Our little girl had been following us to the site because no one to look after her at home but she kinda get used to it. At first she just stay at the balcony because she keep saying it’s smelly (actually dusty) but slowly she also want to kepo about the house progress. 

As you can see there’s quite a few of windows in this living room + balcony we’ve spent quite a bit for the sound proof windows next headache is the curtain + blind. Still haven’t ask for quotation hopefully don’t cost too much!

While my current house start to cluttered with boxes not that we start packing but stuff we brought for the house. These are all lighting fixtures from Taobao i feel tb have nicer lighting than in Singapore and of course cheaper price too. Search for higher end and a little more expensive items in tb will be good enough, all these light came up very decent.

Chloe had been in holiday program in school for a week now and for another week hope i got all my errand done before she officially on school holiday. Planing to spent a week with her exploring places and spend good times with her before we busy with moving house again.

No matter how we gotta moved before first of January so this month gotta be quite hectic one with Chloe on holiday, gospel event and helping with decoration for a sister’s wedding in church plus house stuff and moving on top with my daily task for my job. God bless us~

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