#MKCrib Update

IMG_0754.JPG*First photo of us in #kmcrib

Gotten our keys from our lawyer end of October, and finally it’s happening. Key of a place call H.O.M.E ! Right after the inspection done our super efficient contractor started his work without us saying anything, he just went they with us change the lock so his worker can easily access in to the house then the next day he already got his worker to hack away all the partitions and build-in cabinets.

There’s some hiccups along the way of course some extra requirement from HBD when we apply to hack away our entrance wall and building up a new storeroom. Long story short we are still in the midst of working on this with our newly hired professional engineer, pray that everything work out as planned! without that wall being hack i feel miserable and incomplete. We’ve been praying about this every night with Chloe!

So after a week of renovation, all the tiles on wall and floor hacked, new doorway open up and removed the curvy old door to square frame. Our new tiles are in i guess end of this week they will start laying the tiles! So far i’m kinda enjoy the process and glad that everything slowly coming together. Almost all furniture, fixtures and electric appliances are purchased now left our bed frame which i don’t know what we are procrastinating.

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