Get Fit

I realized i’ve gained some weight after taking my TCM treatment, it does help with my body cold feet and hand problem seems getting better, period finally show appearance and my appetite become “better” too. I feel very bloated and heavy so i decided to start working out, Ping intro me an workout app a while ago but i never have the intention to start any exercise that time finally it come in handy!

DSC05831-4i’ve been cycling ever since we got our bobbin bike, after sending Chloe to school i will usually ride to park for 1 or 2 round till my leg feel tired then do marketing before heading home. In the evening or night time i’ll do my 10 mins burner work out which give a good sweat before going to shower.

I’ve been feeling very healthy inside out instead of having supplements i think my mum is right that working out/exercise is the natural way to keep fit and healthy. I also lose about 2 kg after a month doing these routine! i’m back to 42kg hope it maintain for a long while. I used to be 40kg tho after 1 year Chloe was born but i was very underweight and weak 42kg consider healthy weight for me although my BMI still underweight but at least i feel much healthy.

This week we’ve been cycling a lot! Monday we cycled to Macritchie Reservoir, this place is beautiful and i’ve been missing it out this gem although it’s so near to our place! Today we cycled the whole bishan park then to AMK for breakfast. I really enjoy cycling very much then any other sports!

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