Quick one

After we got back to Singapore on Monday night, it’s been busy and hectic. Need to unpack quickly and tidy the place a little so our part-time helper can do her usual cleaning. We are so tired on Tuesday morning, Ming decided to let me and Chloe sleep in without waking us up. She have been skipping school for 2 weeks now plus national day holiday that will be 3 weeks! Since she’s still young i don’t mind skipping class spending time with family is equally important too when she grow older we don’t have this luxury to travel on non-school holiday anymore.


#1 The amount of parcels waiting for me after 2 weeks, mostly are party related stuff and Chloe’s clothes. Luckily all the purchase are Ming approved if not he will get heart attack receiving parcel after parcel.

#2 Chloe helping me with cookie for party tomorrow, she really enjoy whisking and helping with baking and cooking should do more with her. Letting the dough rest while she nap, later we gonna sent it to oven together.

#3 Meats that Ming order from The Butcher arrived, we are going for western style bbq with different cut of steaks and lamb, need to marinate tomorrow morning. I brought free range chicken wing from market then marinated it with sauce and vacuum packed it for more favor. Need to get the skewer and fruits ready tomorrow morning, luckily we option for the cake to be deliver if not tomorrow is gonna be really pack! Hope the food enough to feed our guest and no left so we don’t need to deal with leftover.

 Hope everything turn well tomorrow~

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