Tomorrow is the last day of our trip! Why time passed so fast but I miss my baby and Husband very much too can’t wait to see them! Tomorrow we gonna spend whole day at the Spa + Onsen since we already used up most of our money plus sore feet/body from all the walking so a day spend at the spa is the best option!

So far it’s a pretty good trip, chloe seems doing very good with my parent and today my dad even volunteered to babysit her whole day and asked my mum to go to work as usual! Super surprised he did a good job feeding/bathing and entertained Chloe full day! Brought some gift for them as appreciation although my gifts are too small for their sacrifices these few days,my mum said it’s more tiring taking care of Chloe than having to go to work this made me feel so bad. Need to treat them a good meal when Ming is back.

Received a really good news just now that a brand that I followed quite a while ago approached me for sponsorship! I’ve been quietly stalk them and like their posts occasionally apparently their lady boss spotted me and followed me since then. I’m really thrilled and happy but worried also I can’t deliver any conversion but I’ll try to take as many nice photos as possible as a return for their generosity. Actually I always feel stress when brand or shop approached me as I know how social media marketing works and of coz everyone expect a return from giving. So I don’t have a rate card or charges I only accept stuff I’m really interested in and confident that it will bring at least some feedback and brand awareness. My followers have been with me for long time (I’ve privatised my ig account and stop accepting strangers since last year) so my followers have been stagnant since then that’s why I always tell those brand I can’t promise any conversion but I can provide quality photos I don’t accept cash but only sponsorship on things I really want and share review honestly. Some turn down (maybe my lack of confidence) some are happy with my honesty in the end of the day I don’t want my ig to filled with sponsorship/advert I don’t want be famous/influencer either i don’t earn from this platform I just want to be me and post freely and stress free.

Sidetracked too much, anyway looking forward for my chilax day tomorrow! Will blog more about the trip soon before I forget all the details.

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