I’m on my way to hospital now for my follow up appointment while chloe went to school with grandparent and daddy, nothing serious just my doc manage to squeeze in a slot for me earlier in stead of initial appointment in Aug.

This weekend gonna be hectic one as the in law are here tonight we will bring them to our new house to take a look. Then tmr being then out still don’t know where to go tho, they’ve been to most of the places.

So far my ‘limit screen time’ project have been going quite well, I managed to follow my schedule and start on a book! Almost wanted to join the ask-me-something bandwagon in IG but when I see questions coming in I regretted and deleted my post. Not the questions that stop me but if I continue I’m sure this will make me keep checking on my phone which surely will broke my fast on screen time. So I went replied the question to them personally and stop the game.

This week I’m on my verbal vomit stage! Haha I couldn’t stop writing down thoughts whenever I’m get on the screen. I think it’s draw me away from browsing social media and shopping site, which is good!!


So after both normal and pelvic ultrasound scanned doctor say there’s a wall built in the uterine cavity they named it as Asherman’s syndrome. #whywhywhy This thingy prevented the administration of hormones that’s why my menses was mia for such a long time. After explaining the conditions, my Gynae then insert some screw or something in my cervix to loosen the wall and try to clean up, then i start bleeding no not menses but blood from the cervix wall from the screwing process. Why women have to go thru all this..i wonder. Doctor Tee gave me some hormone pill to help general hormones to fasten the process of getting menses. I’m asked to go back after 2 weeks if there’s still no sign of period then we need to remove it surgically. Really pray that menses will come soon so i don’t need to do that surgery.


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