a true friend

Completed my job for the week and it’s Thursday meaning tmr after school i can plan a short outing with Chloe to meet friend or get some fabric for pillow as i need to sew another extra set to spare. My blogging mojo is back mainly because i need to keep myself update with our new house another reason is i love how private is this space now lesser view meaning more privacy. This blog mean a lot to me i’ve been blogging on and off since 2008 that’s 10 years worth of memories and counting! Where i gain so much friendship from and some followers that stick with me and my randomness for so many years so i hope i will continue it till i no longer can type? It turn out everytime when my space is empty and less people i tend to share freely and enjoy blogging, once my followers gain i will slow down and start stopping that happen to fb then blog same go to ig and dayre.

Yesterday i had breakfast date with Sab, we met at school after dropping off the kids then went nearby for a quick breakfast which ended up 3 hours of non-stop chatting. No fancy cafe/food we are makeup-less in our usual t-shirt and short with sandal seated at hawker stall nearby our house with a plate usual breakfast. I always enjoy chatting with her always gain so so much from her sharing in term of household stuff, kid’s education/behavior and spiritual encounter. From a total stranger whom meet in the market to friends that can chatted non-stop, i’m truly cherish this friendship. I really think that she is an angel to me, she want nothing from me but keep trying to offer her help. Even we know each other for short period but she know i’m a person who don’t like to trouble people so she tell me even i’m in trouble i’ll just keep quiet and do all things myself so she need to keep checking on me. That really so sweet of her, i never never heard that from a friend and this words really make me melt.

Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest it’s about who walked into your life and said i’m here for you.

After each meet up i always feel so recharged and happy don’t know why, maybe Sab is really my charger. I really do hope i brighten up her day too although i can’t give much input or advice because she’s another level up from me with 3 kids + helper but i hope my job as listener helps. Sab remind me that friendship can be so pure, I really pray to God that our friendship can remains as it is and thankful for such a good soul with positive vibes around me.

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