Kmart Play Kitchen Makeover

I’m glad we decided to bring this 25kg kmart play kitchenback from Melbourne, i’m sure i will be very regret if we didn’t. Once i saw it in kmart website i know i want this instead of ikea’s one because it’s come with fridge compartment plus it’s way cheaper almost half the price only! Managed to convinced Ming to brought it back because he was the one who need carried it up and down the car and in the airport *poor husband*. kmartBefore and after the original color was mint, blue, red and white with graphic here and there, we transform it to dusty pink, white and polka dot with rose gold element. DSC04489-24I’m so lucky that my sister was here for a week so she was there to help up all the paint job while i busy with work and house chorus.

we also painted the toaster and blender to match the color of the kitchen.

My little chef can’t wait to start cooking! she love it but got bored after awhile so i need to bring out some new kitchen accessories that i kept in storeroom on and off to surprise her.

Look at this cheeky face it make all the work worthy. Okie no more toy for you next half a year!

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