Shopping loots from Melbourne

This post stuck in the draft since forever! Got really busy with works and Chloe recently especially now that she’s on her mid term holiday. So here’s our shopping loots from Melbourne

Kitchenware & Food

Random kitchenware from kmart, tea cup and saucer set from Target that Ming buy for me| Random snacks and stuff from Woolworths. Not a fan of sweet stuff or snacks so we don’t really buy a lot of food

Kid’s stuff

Apparently Chloe got the most stuff because kid’s stuff are cheaper and nicer thereDSC04013-12

brought some baby onesie and bibs as gifts, others are all Chloe’s pj, panties, nike sneaker, clothes from seed heritage outlet at a great discount.

Deco stuff are so much cheaper in Kmart so it’s a must buy and books too this set of book cost 48sgd but only 20aud!

Toy from Kmart

DSC04059-2and play pretend toys for the little girl, it’s really cheap la less than 80sgd for all these in the picture and mostly important the design are really nice. Daddy say no more new toy for her till next year, we kept all these in the storeroom and take out one at a time once a while.

For Daddy and Mummy

Aesop lotion and shampoo for mummy | shaver and some guy thingy for daddy.

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