Random rainy day

Stuck in the mall nearby our house after meeting my friend in town. It’s pouring out there and I don’t want to wake this soundly sleep baby up so I’m here rocking the stroller, looking at the phone and trying to blog.

We’re finally heading for our annual family trip next week! Like finally! So happen I always scheduled our trip around April for 3 years from Hong Kong, taiwan then this year. As I find is the best season to travel, weather is good chilly not too hot or cold and doesn’t need to buy/pack winter or thick clothing. However I always have this habit to shop for new clothes for a trip wearing something new make me look even forward for the trip, who’s with me?

Ming gave me this 😭 face looking at the pile of clothes I brought for everyone, yes everyone! Know what? at this time my washing machine decide to strike, keep showing error sign! Time for new one? But why this timing? I need to wash all new clothes, i have sensitive skin so I have this habit of wash it before wear, good for Chloe also.

This round is just gonna be chill and relax kinda trip only 1 or 2 place to visit daily. Since just 3 of us so we gonna take our own sweet trip to enjoy our days, bit of sightseeing, daily nap is a must and homecook if I’m not lazy. Self drive would be easy for us to travel around really miss time when we have car lo! Ming always toying the idea of getting a car in Singapore but to me it will only benefit us on weekend maybe just 1.5 days throughout the week, the rest of the day we just plain paying for parking fees. As it’s still more convenient for Ming to take the train to work, chloe school is so near that walk will be faster then drive 😂. And car is so expensive here will it worth for that minimal usage? Maybe not. So we shall enjoy our self driving experience next week.

This post is just about random thoughts. Chloe is gonna wake up anytime. Bye..

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