Virtually disappear

“Hey, how are you? why no update? everything okie? Pregnant?” recent conversation that my friends started..

We are at the generation that we just stalked each other on social media to see how’s life going on the other side, perhaps i’m one of them so i don’t blame them. I do apreaciate they take the effort to check on me, thanks friend. There’s always this season of my life that i want to be quiet and stay away from social media which i find can be quite poisonous these days. Then i chance upon this…

“We don’t need to be always virtually present to matter…”

Is that so important to shared about my life? does people really care or they just to kepo? What the main purpose of me sharing? necessary to keep jot it down for memory sake on such a public place? or maybe my life is too boring to share anything interesting? All these questions got me stop posting on IG. I actually prefer this place more because I know less people is reading.

is the best answer i could find and i answered my friends.

Stop the guessing game. I’m totally fine with my life, Chloe is good, husband as usual very helpful and caring while me? i’m getting myself busy with work and house chorus.

i will be back soon to flood your feed so you will consider to unfollow me 😅 ..kthxbye

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