Layback Saturday

Can’t remember when was the last time I went cafe hopping, our usual weekend is either stay at home trying to get some rest or out for outdoor activities for Chloe or shopping in town.

I miss this kinda slow and relax outing with friends, no target to hit, nothing to buy just walk around quiet areas take photos and chit chat

And also ootd photo! You’ve been missed! Thanks my cute photographer ping with her bf’s Leica camera, finally I can have some decent photo of myself without a toddler in tow

#ootd Statement tee: Zara, Trouser: The Closet Lover, bucket bag: Zara

Ping looking good in all white outfit! We are seeing some progress of being a minimalist (our goal this year). We still send each other stuff we tempted to buy but try convince ourselves that we don’t really need most of the things, still rooms to improve a lot of self control need to be practice.

We went to Our Second Home @ Holland V for tea, it’s a very quiet cafe/boutique that mainly showcasing Our Second Nature clothing, so their cake and drinks are paid through tipping or purchasing their garments.

Enjoy the ambient so much! We chatted so long till the shop closed.

With ping whom I got to know thru blog 9 years ago and how our friendship grow throughout the years in another country 💕 Thanks for the lovely Saturday

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