Easy Meal prep

I cook almost everyday ever since Chloe started solid! We tried tingkat service for dinner before but i didn’t quite like the dishes and get bored after 1 month. Eat out is a dilemma to me, thinking what to eat where to eat with toddler, no thank you! So I cook lunch and dinner daily for healthy reason too, there’s market and ntuc in the neighborhood so it’s pretty easy to get ingredients.

I should really thanks my mum because she trained us how to cook since young although we have helper to help around in the kitchen but she forced us(especially me #elderchild) to be there when she cook, from chopping the ingredients to cook. I used to hate it back then because she would scold or nag a lot. She’s a working mother as an accountant, she’s always busy especially peak season when she work in audit firm but she still insisted to cook dinner for the family everyday without failed, even weekend she don’t mind cooking until today! We used to asked her to stop cooking because we want to eat out always wonder why do she like to cook so much! so much work! now i really understand why and i’m really thankful now i appreciate home cook meals!

Everyday i try to cook at least have a meat dish, vege and soup for balance diet but when I got lazy I’ll just have one dish meal that normally contain both meat and vege.

One dish meal

Stir fry vege and meat  | Slow boiled Black Bean Soup

french bean, edamame, lean meat with pacific clams

Childhood comfort soup

Corn, mushroom, carrot, tofu, meat and egg in anchovies & combu soup stock (added threadfin fish for chloe)

Seafood tomyam soup

i’m so happy to found this tomyam paste that taste very similar to the one my mum used to cook for us! of course Chloe can’t have a share of this so she got seafood soup with anchovies soup base

Hainan chicken rice

if we eat out on weekend usually don’t go for hawker food coz i want good food in my one-a-while dinning out so i do not know when was was the last time i had chicken rice. cook the rice from scratch with chicken stock, panda leaf, garlic and ginger, turn out not too bad. side is japanese spinach with sesame dressing

Sliced pork wrapped asparagus with teriyaki saurce

requested by hubby, sometimes i prefer to have him to tell me what he want to eat so i just cook accordingly without much planing..

Meatball two way | Slow boiled radish soup 

Mixed prawn, mince pork marinated for 2 hour then have it steamed and coated with breadcrumbs for air-fried. Chloe love the air-fried version so much!

Gyoza party @ Cellgroup

no we didn’t make it our cg leader brought this homemade gyoza from a chinese store at Kallang, taste very good!

Stir fry pork with bell pepper | Pork rib green papaya and peanut soup 

on lazy days when i cook one pot dish ill cook a bigger portion in the afternoon so i can just reheat it for dinner #lazymama

i love spicy food so you always see chili padi here and there normally i will portion out Chloe’s share before i add in chili..

My recent favorite groceries shopping spot =  Dondonki! Influenced by Cheeserland! enjoy reading her post so much, even Ming got poisoned! every one or two week ill make a trip to town after sending Chloe to school to get my Japaneses groceries fix! Best timing to go there in the morning, no crowd only some japanese ladies doing shopping, things are super fresh and rack are refilled! Oh and no queue for their famous sweet potatoes too! My main purpose this trip was to get ingredient for oden party! Strawberry is a must buy everytime i’m there for my strawberry lover at home aka Chloe!

Oden 🍢Forget to take a proper photo, followed tutorial from YouTube for oden soup base from scratch with combu, anchovies and bonito flakes! It’s a huge success accordingly to Ming, especially the daikon was so so good and we are hosting a oden party soon! Can’t wait already!

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