A year older

a nice bouquet delivered on my door step no prize guessing it’s from Ming
i usually don’t get such a nice bunch so i must take more photos of it before it dry up.
for passed years Ming will always buy from his trusted florist below his office building reason being convenient and no delivery fees required
Or if he had a choice he will never buy me a flower because he is practical like that but he did after we had Chloe
i think that’s his way of appreciation for me as a wife and a mom
 he also brought something from my-never-up-to-dated wishlist i created last year
but luckily still something i want till now..Fresh face cream
too expensive to buy myself
thanks dear you’re sweetest. always caring. always there for us
As a mother


Motherhood isn’t all about shaping her characters but shaping mine too along the way –source

i’m totally agree with that there’s so much to learn being a mother it’s a life time work. So far I never regretted being stay home mum because very minutes spend with Chloe is worthy! I’m thankful to be part of her early childhood so I can help a little on shaping her personality and guide her with God’s word. Maybe I’m always there and only me she a little too shy or maybe me and daddy are introvert that’s why she is totally an introvert girl. She’s very shy, take time to warm up to stranger but I think that’s okie as she’s a girl and the bright side of an introvert she is very sensitive over people and environment also an observant. I’m would say I know her best and understand all her baby language at this stage.. and I want to continue watch her grow!



For me myself
i decided to let go #dayre completely because i feel it taken up too much time
Curating a post, reply comments, reading others, it take a lot of time which i should really spend that time with Chloe or do my job then looking or checking the phone so often. i remember a friend asked me that i’m slowly gaining readers there in dayre and sponsorship don’t i feel wasted? i never want to be influencer or blogger just simply sharing my life and i feel stressful with so many people reading my life or dealing with business for sponsorship worrying the traffic and all.. This happen often i started with kiminpink.com (blogspot) then instagram then dayre.. i’m simply do not enjoy life being someone known..
While ig stories are faster way to record moments and share it with my family and friends. Yesterday I finally took some time to filter my follower and removed 100+ unknown accounts soon I will just limit to my friends and family so i feel safer to that platform

i may be going back to dayre in future maybe after Chloe go to school or if i’m pregnant again to record my pregnancy journey who knows maybe i will never return… another things that turn me off from sharing is that people tend to copy ideas, content and photos without crediting, they got influenced or inspired then copy and paste it like their own without credit, taking things for granted.

As a designer I really can’t stand this sorry to say ..but Ming always remind me once I want to share it in public be prepare for this..

Okie gone too far off the topic by the way I don’t share great stuff or thoughts I’m not even a good person too..but I can’t control what people think only thing I should do is be true to myself and always remind myself that:
It is the Lord your God you must follow, and him you must revere. Keep his commands and obey him; serve him and hold fast to him. Deuteronomy 13:4
Don’t follow the world but Jesus and He should be the center of my life and always glorify Him in anything i do..

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