Miscarriage at week 8

This post has been in the draft forever and this happen in early April.
I’m all well and recover now~ 

yes i was pregnant with my no.2 just a week ago

we are happy and grateful coz we’ve been trying and praying 
my period was late as it always late after i stop breastfeeding so i don’t take it too serious this time until a church member ask me whether i’m pregnant when i complained to her that i’m having bad headache on and off 
so i decided to do a quick test and it was positive!! 
just like my first pregnancy hubby is always not the first to know coz i love to give him surprise 
last time was my mum who first i broke the news too but this time i tell my daughter first of cause she understand nothing
that night i request to dine out, me and Chloe went to the mall earlier to get the surprise ready for daddy
when we seated i got Chloe to passed this envelope to daddy
and he was overjoy and surprise  
just last week i’m thanking God that this pregnancy doesn’t cause me bad nausea or morning sickness like what i had when i’m pregnant with Chloe 
so i can still function as per normal taking care of my first born juggle between house chorus and my part time design job 
slowly spreading this good news to family and few close friends 
made an appointment to visit my Gynae for first pre-natal checkup 
there’s some brown discharge as when i try to give some urine sample for the nurse
Gynae did a check confirm there’s a baby in me no bleeding but need another check up a week later to confirm everything, i feel he kinda know something he brief me that if the embryo is week it will eventually come out instead of being quiet and possible as he usually do
but i don’t want to think too much just surrender to God
we had cellgroup just a day after that night we broke the news to our cell member request them to pray for us as i started to experience some cramps which terrify me 
on that night itself, i went to the toilet feeling something weird down there
and i’m really bleeding this round and the cramp is intense 
nothing i can do but pray and pray 

Dear God please save my child but if that’s your will please help me to surrender and accept this is your plan

that morning i’m bleeding non-stop and we went to hospital 
after a few check the doctor confirm that’s no sign of the fetus it must had been expelled from my body.
It happen too quick . . .
my tears rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably although i thought i will be okay since baby still small
but no i was crying on the way home when elders came to visit us and prayed for us
i just can’t had a proper rest but grieving
the only one thing that cheer me up is Chloe whenever i look at her there’s sense of peace and i feel i should be thankful for her at least God gifted her to me i should be recovered soon and cheer up for her
After prayers of prayers and reading God’s word slowly i recovered from the grieve and back to daily routine. i still need to take care of Chloe so i still cook, do house chores a lot

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18 

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