Last Dayre Post in 2017

Woke up earlier today maybe she had too much nap yesterday.. no choice but to cancel my plan of getting some work done before she wake up

When I ask her for a photo 😂 why so grumpy who ask you wake up so early

Don’t need to get anything from market so off to go to the park

Stroller because she need to drink milk see greens is better than tv screen

Sun is out! So we went hiding at Mcdonald for breakfast
She was saying: I pray! ( put her hand together) then babble in her baby language then proceed to say Amen! I’m sure God understand her prayers..
Haha so funny too bad didn’t record it down

Part time cleaning Aunty is here! Husband got excited whenever she’s here hahah coz he gonna come home with a clean house without him putting any effort except paying some money 😭 I’m happy too coz some part of the cleaning really need her to help! Like toilet scrubbing, ceiling fan, window and sometimes get her to help change the bedsheet! So thankful for her coz she do things really fast and clean! And very 自动!

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