Drain energy activities!


This toddler here is full energy so no choice have to bring her out to drain out some, so she get tired and sleep well 😂

So I gotta bring her out for a walk no stroller or tricycle plain walking, to playground of ntuc if I need a quick grocery run..sometimes it’s get bit slow or she fell down but I think she enjoy it 😶

Today playground is way too crowded many big kids running around and occupied most of the facilities so she just stand and see how they play awhile then we walk home

Also good chance to dress up a bit..😂 too many dresses but too little occasion

This Zara kids dress was one of her birthday gift now only can wear she still in 9 to 12 month size ler for many months already! Why you no grow taller baby? Please don’t help me save money on clothes k!

Insist to bring her little Friend out 😂😂 my Daughter is at that age of wanting to bring stuff out with her, I thought she would drop it half way especially when she’s being distracted but no ler doesn’t even let me to help her keep it!

Today lunch for mama & baby tomato egg, sautéed spinach and organic white carrot soup.. give her some meat from the soup which is not in the photo

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