Happy Valentines!!

Happy Valentines!!

My cheeky Monster in good spirit today so faster do a quick photoshoot!

When you ask for a photo! She sure tilt her head like that..don’t know who teach her 😂

Just another usual day for us! No gift no flowers husband not into celebrating valentines or may be any special occasion I just tease him yesterday telling him I married to a kayu 😂😂

I make a reservation for dinner this sat..don’t feel like going out to join the crowd today #signofaging

Hahhaa only me get present on valentine!

Yes daddy got her a set of duplo coz the lego shop at j8 is having 20% off storewide!

Mummy is ok, you have me Everyday is valentine 🤣

Look so cheeky here!

Cooked hub’s favourite pasta for dinner..and Chloe get non spicy version with cod fish, nowadays I just give her whatever we eat but a simpler and tasteless😂 version..

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