Going home for Christmas

Spend whole morning packing with a toddler who help me to unpack at the same time! No joke every time I'm done with a bag she will sure go unzip and throw everything out!

Luckily hub is taking pm leave today if not I'm not sure when can I finish packing. So much to pack for 10 days!

Almost there! 29" and 19" fits everything I hope

Yeah..going home~~

Oh photo?!? Ok I pose (slanting)

This girl really know how to enjoy 😂 have a seat by herself, munching on snack, daddy holding her earphone while she watch Angry bird movie

Last flight of the year our flight back will be 2017 already, geddit geddit?

Home sweet home!! Come home for late dinner that mil left for us, chloe seems to ok with new faces last few visit she just cling on me but this round she's happily roaming around the house and baby talk to everyone ☺

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