Hitching a ride to atelier for outdoor playground again!

While waiting the room to be tidy up,we stay at pantry so this baby have her cheerios

They look like they're going for a beach party

Really need to start let her paint more at home, she seems to like drawing

Today they place with ice instead of water, good coz the weather it's so hot!

At the water fountain looking how the water flow and lexin at the back enjoy drinking the water 😂

Few shade darker already! She look like some village farmer with that straw hat

Then we travel all the way to Punggol (luckily Winnie told me that's a code (12xmas) for GrabTaxi for $12 off if not the cab fare will cost me a bomb) to meet baby Titus!

Hi baby Titus! Sleeping soundly on mummy's arm

Chloe don't even take a look at Titus lo..busy exploring people house!

Almost forget how to carry newborn baby

So happy to go on a ride

Happy face 🙃

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