Outdoor playground

United with her buddy Lexin for Playgroup at blue house today

Look like a big girl in this Drop waist eyelet dress popo brought for her
👗: Ralph Lauren

Today outdoor playground was really fun!
First stop: water colour painting

So busy drawing

Second stop: 💦 water play
Which they love the most

Third stop: sand play!
Which they hate, Chloe just sit at the same place don't want to try walk or touch the sand while Lexin can't stop complaining and ask to be carry 😭

Discussing how to escape..
Today playgroup only have 3 kids include ours maybe most of them went holiday good coz they get full attention from teacher

Last stop: bubble
Chloe watching how this che Che pop the bubbles

Back to waterplay, this time Chloe at the top of the water fountain try to pollute the water 😂 she got all wet I think next time better dress her in swimsuit

Back to classroom get change then sing goodbye song ☺️ we enjoy outdoor session very much compare to indoor..shall come again next week

my new mummy friend haven't text me! she invited us to her house tonight for Dinner..but I lose her number after changing this phone (yup same friend as the one i'm suppose to ask the cloth book contact) i can't text her to confirm the dinner and ask for her what food can i prepare also her lot number..
Still waiting for her to text me first.. she must think I'm such a bad guest! or doesn't even care about this dinner! but I do i really do and prepared gifts for her kids and herself!

yesterday I went market even I don't have anything to do just to try see whether i can bump into her..but no luck!
How ah.. I really don't know how! hub say just eat at home lo, the problem is not where to eat is I care about this friend

I have one very whiny toddler here who refuse to take her nap she thought she already nap in the train just now which only lasted 20 mins 😭 don't want to nap never mind but keep whine and throw tantrums!

Good job Chloe good job!

Waiting hub to be back for rescue so I can cook dinner in peace..I guess we really not going to my friend's place 😭


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