Random 1:: Hub is helping with Christmas video for church event this sat..they gather all the kids for a short interview session on what they like about Christmas and the reason of this season.

So happen that day one of the teacher invited Chloe to join Sunday school, so we include her in the video as well..😂 of coz she didn't answer any question but just quietly sit there staring at us.. I find it really cute so went print screen the video footage 😉

Oh she did well in Sunday school according to teacher! Didn't cry didn't look for us at all! Surprise ler! She always so sticky at home..maybe try a few more time to see is she really like going to class

Random 2:: my sis sent me this photo she took when they brought Chloe for lunch on Monday! I find it very artistic ler they expression 😅

Random 3 :: she took out my newly brought romper and try to wear it her way and claim "美美" #mydaughterisvian

Selfie while waiting baby to up from nap so we can go out at meet papa for dinner suppose to join him for company movie screening but I'm not confident bring baby to the cinema later she cry then disturb everybody watching movie some more it's Star Wars not cartoon even mummy don't know how to appreciate for sure she wouldn't be interested 😂

Top: Editor's market // pleated culottes: love bonito

Chloe's ootd 😭
Dress: Gucci ( yes Gucci haha look like pyjamas,a gift from hub's colleague. wear it today just in case we bump into him then can show him..)

Btw this girl throw countless tantrum today don't know why..

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