11.11 shopping hauls

Had a really good sleep last night! Almost forget how it's feel like after having a good night sleep.. Chloe didn't make a single noise or I'm into deep sleep never heard it, so both of us sleep really really well!

I woke up at 8plus feeling recharged do some house chores then the sims! Yes I'm still playing the sims while waiting the princess to be up to start the day..

Quiet book

I texted my Friend regarding the quiet book as some of you asking for seller contact but she didn't reply since yesterday.. this morning only I realise it's the wrong number! I didn't have her num in this new phone so I'll get back to you when i meet her on Friday night..☺️

Or anyone know where to buy can share..

I brought 2 version My Quiet Book and Lets play and learn.. we haven't start on the later maybe after she get bored or master the quiet book first

This is Chloe's favourite putting the sock into the 'washing machine' then putting it back when she think it's done

Many other activities like matching Colours, buttoning, zip, puzzle and counting involved in just one book

#notanadvert #justsharing

Throw diaper also her one of fav thing to do 😂 she love helping me house chores recently but more on want to kepo kepo.. she want to involve in everything I do.. so I get her to help me to taking out fresh laundry from washing machine, pushing empty laundry basket back to room..pick up stuff I purposely drop 😂 to keep her busy

11.11 shopping hauls

🏡 Homeware – Taobao

Knitted throw for sofa | 2 cushion cover | pillow

New theme for the living room :: pastel!

⛺️️ Teepee! – Taobao

Been wanting to buy one Chloe seems to like it, she keep going in and out the teepee tin pororo park and bringing toys in to play.. haven't set up properly need to wash the cloth and clear up space for it!

Quality not bad no weird smell, there's a cute little window on the right..

⛺️ Accessories for teepee -Taobao

Brought the wooden chain, the rest are gifts that come together with the teepee.. the light bulb is to put in the teepee, so cute!

👗 Gap Kids

Peterpan color top | knitted beanie (don't know buy for what not going winter country also some more so big even I can wear😂) | red tutu dress and a flora legging

Not 11.11 buy, I think I brought it when GAP having 45% before Black Friday but cyber Monday had even great deal! 50% + 10% waiting that parcel to arrive

No more! So little buy but take the longest to arrive.. now wait for My cyber Monday packages to come!

Today lunch for Chloe

Plan to cook rice for her but ended up with porridge 😂 too much water
Fried egg, steam broccolini, bake salmon.. she self feed the whole portion for the first time.. she normally lose her patience after half way eating and I have feed her the rest but today she don't even want me to help her! Please eat like that everyday ok

Lunch for mummy same as Chloe's but my salmon is seasoned with cayenne pepper and paprika.. I get to eat while she eating and finish at the same timing! Normally my food is always cold when I eat it after feeding her

Pushing this girl to the park for a walk.. first time push this tricycle out coz daddy say once it's out cannot push in the house anymore but popo doesn't get the memo, she push it out last Sunday..haha so now Chloe get to go out with it rather than just stroller or tula

Keep looking at older kids playing at the playground, don't want to play just keep standing at the same spot staring 😭

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